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Lanxi Tofu Glue Pudding
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The stuffing of the Lanxi Tofu Glue Pudding is made of mashed brined tofu and lean muddy flesh with cooking wine, soy sauce and ginger particles. Then take a bowl of flour, and compact it with a large spoon to make a "nest" in the middle. Put a lump of mashed tofu in the palm, place the muddy flesh in the middle, add a layer of tofu mud, gently rub it into a ball, put it into the flour bowl, and shake it, so that the tofu ball is rolling in the "nest" to get evenly coated with flour all around. After a glue pudding takes shape, hold it with a spoon, and boil it into the boiling water along the pot side. After the water is boiled, boil the glue pudding with a soft fire. When the glue pudding floats to the water surface, it is edible.

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