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B&R Countries at Forest Fair
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      This session of the Yiwu International Forest Products Fair presented a special exhibition of products from Belt and Road countries, including red wine from Georgia, sheep wool from Australia, malachite from Pakistan, and crystal from the Czech Republic. This special exhibition of the fair attracted companies based in 44 countries and territories – Thailand, the Czech Republic and Russia, among others – which occupied 299 spots. The products exposed were primarily imported products for daily use, such as handiworks, furniture, red wine and local specialties.

Czech Crystal Manufactured in Yiwu

       The history of world-famous Czech crystal products dates back to more than 300 years ago. Put on display in the central area of the B&R special exhibition, the 400 crystal items – trays, glasses and vases – outshone the exhibition catching everybody's sight.

义乌大进百货有限公司 is the first company exhibiting Czech crystal at the fair. The company brought several major crystal products, including two special ones which have not been launched in the domestic market. Xu Zhengguo, spokesperson of the company, confirmed that his company has been specializing in crystal industry for more than 20 years; by importing the raw material from the Czech Republic and manufacturing the final products in Yiwu, the company can keep very competitive rates.

       Xu continued to say that due to the complexity of the manufacturing, these products are rather scarce in the national market. In fact, a crystal tray which gradually changes its colors was able to attract more than 60 people to inquiry about prices just during the two-day exhibition.

Delicacies' Attractive

       A free taste of imported delicacies is an efficient way to attract visitors to visit the exhibition. As a result, a platform offering free tastes of ready-to-sell imported fresh products was surrounded by customers. Huang Feiyun, the relevant spokesperson, explained that the platform just opened two months earlier offering a two-hour delivery service on fresh imported fruit. The idea was to promote the new platform making an impact on the fair: “Yesterday, just two hours after the opening of the fair, we managed to sell 50 boxes of fruit. This morning we sold almost 100.”

       Additionally, the exhibition posts showing signs like “promotion” or “buy 1 get 1” on cookies, candies and snacks in general, were surrounded by visitors, too. (By Xia Binting, translated by Marco Lovisetto)

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