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ME Expo–Interview with Wang Xinfeng
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       Since 2013, along international fame for small commodities, Yiwu has been associated with another sparkling phenomenon: becoming the cornerstone of the Chinese manufacturing equipment industry. As an indicative event of this process, the 2016 China Yiwu International Manufacturing Equipment Expo (ME Expo) opened on November 18. On such an occasion, there was a special interview with Wang Xinfeng, Deputy Mayor and Deputy Director of the ME Expo Organizing Committee.

       Q: In what aspects does this session of the Expo differ from previous ones?

       A: This is the third session of the Expo, which began in 2013. Its influential power and successful achievement have been increasing continuously. This expo is concentrated on the realization of the “2025 Made in China” and “Internet Plus” strategies, and sets its main themes on smart technology, going green, and environmental protection, embracing the major fields of the equipment manufacturing industry.

       Consisting of three main blocks—exhibition, negotiation, and conference blocks—the expo offers 3,054 standard international booths. Consisting of seven areas, the original exhibition block has been enlarged to an eight-area exhibition block, adding to the original areas the most popular and representative element of actual development: the industrial automatization and robotic area. The original areas included the exhibition of CNC machine tools and metal processing equipment; solar application products and electric power equipment; energy saving and environmental protection equipment; general machinery and spare parts; storage and logistics equipment; and packaging, printing, and plastic machinery.

       The well-grounded development of the 2016 ME Expo is based on the successful experience of the previous three sessions. The goal of this session is to register more than 12 billion RMB in signed contracts, including at least 6.7 billion RMB of contracts signed among manufacturing enterprises based in Zhejiang, and more than 2.95 billion RMB of equipment sold during the expo by provincial enterprises.

       Q: What other supplementary events are planned during the Expo?

       A: Similarly to the previous sessions, two main types of events will complement the 2016 ME Expo: forums and trade talks. In order to confirm the developmental, exchange, and enforcing functions of the expo, the first typology includes a plentiful series of events, such as the Chinese Smart-Manufacturing Industry Summit, German Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025 Forum, Made in China 2025 Innovation and Development Forum, Made in Zhejiang Standard Developmental Achievement Conference, Industrial Technology Summit, and the release conferences of new equipment and products.

       As for the second type, the events of the ME Expo aim to provide an exchange platform for provincial high-tech industrial parks and industrial demonstration bases, domestic and international advanced equipment manufacturers, and enterprises with technological transformation needs. The expo focuses on the effective linking of buyers and customers, providing several venues for sourcing fairs for both national and international companies, projects promotional meetings, and domestic industry linking exhibition.   

       Q: What are the highlights of the 2016 ME Expo?

       A: First is the high level of the exhibitors. During the expo, a large number of domestic and international leading enterprises gathers in Yiwu, presenting the world's most advanced technologies in equipment manufacturing.

       At present, a large number of world-famous companies have been invited to participate in the expo: the German Mobo Kompressoren and Maston Elevator GmbH,  the Japanese SMC and Yaskawa, and a couple of Italian companies, as well as a number of domestic leading companies: China General Technology Group, GSK CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., Han's Laser, and Penta Laser.

  Second is the topical presence at this session of smart-technologies. Along with the theme of this session—Smart, Green, Environmentally Friendly—the ME Expo is a showcase for the domestic enterprises showing their applications and achievement in the field of artificial intelligence.

       Additionally, abundant contents will be presented in two events involving domestic smart manufacturing industry: the Better Design for Better Products Exhibition and the Made in Zhejiang Standard Developmental Achievement Conference.

       Finally, further significant contents are brought in by the 2016 Artificial Intelligence Products Expo, during which the VR, 3D holograms, live video, and other visualization techniques will be presented to show how the creation of multi-dimensional, panoramic, new audio-visual realities is possible.

       Q: How is expo-related investment promotion proceeding?

       A: The expo investment promotion is almost completed. At present, there are 807 companies which have confirmed their participation, reserving a total of 3,054 booths. 1,917 of them are reserved by provincial companies, 774 are reserved by domestic companies, and 363 belong to international companies.

       Q: Three sessions of the expo have been held in Yiwu so far. Is there any significant promotional effect of the expo on the brand Made in Yiwu?

       A: First, I think it can promote Yiwu's economic and trade linking of the manufacturing industry. In addition, it can promote the adjustment and optimization of Yiwu's industrial structure.

       In the meantime, the expo is a good chance to actively promote the Yiwu's conception of Replacing Humans with Machinery. In order to speed up the Replacing Humans with Machinery concept and promote the transformation of traditional industry, Yiwu has released several policies in support of these trends in these years. Relevant examples are the adjustments of the deducted interest proportion on technological transformation, which was raised to 8%-16% from 3%-10%; the reduction of the deducted interest threshold on technological transformation of equipment manufacturing from 5 million RMB to 3 million RMB; and encouraging the enterprises to introduce high-tech equipment, develop their technology, and invest in equipment research and development.

       Additionally, Yiwu provides annual financial support funds above 70 million RMB, reassigning the positive technological transformation of enterprises. From 2014 to now, the Yiwu-based enterprises have recorded investments for 5.4 billion RMB on equipment tools. Consequently, in terms of developing intelligent technologies, the ME Expo plays a prominent leading role. (Translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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