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Pakistani Businessman's Gratitude
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      “Hello, is that Dr. Bai Song from Yiwu Chouzhou Hospital? This is Barty, the Pakistani businessman you cured. I am calling to say that after your treatment, my waist and legs are not aching anymore! Thank you so much!” At 9 am of November 15, Barty called from Pakistan to express his gratitude.

Barty is a Pakistani businessman, about 30 years old. Now, he is in Yiwu running his foreign trade business and is always traveling between Pakistan and Yiwu. In the past 10 years, he has been suffering from spinal disc herniation. He sought help in his own country for many years, but was unable to find any. For the past two years, he could hardly walk, which had greatly impacted his business.

       Knowing from one of his friends that Yiwu Chouzhou Hospital could perform the surgery he needed, Barty went there to give it a shot not long ago. After one hour of intense surgery, the pain which has been tormenting Barty for more than 10 years was removed. On the fourth day after the operation, Barty recovered well and went through the patient discharge process. Afterwards he returned to Pakistan from Yiwu to recuperate. (By Wang Zhijian – Zhezhong News, translated by Guo Jing, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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