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Four Newlyweds in Historical Village
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     At 3:30 pm, four couples began to have their makeup done. The skilled makeup artists transformed the foreign beauties with blonde hair and bright eyes into brides with Chinese characteristics. Observing the way his new wife looked after having her makeup done, the American groom, Loren Johnson, said in excitement, “This is a delightful moment; it feels like a dream. My princess became a 'Chinese' wife; she is the most beautiful bride.”

       As a matter of fact, this occasion was not only exciting for the four foreign newlywed couples but for all of the international students taking part in the Yuyuan Session of the Jinhua Homestay project who attended the ceremony with great enthusiasm.

       At 5 pm, the four grooms rode towering horses to the brides' house. After the grooms followed the traditional customs of 'kidnapping' and distributing 'red envelopes,' the four brides got on the sedan chairs, ready to be brought to their new homes.

       After the wedding, which was grand and spectacular, the four newlywed couples were full of joy. Altynai Begalieva, Secretary-General of the Office of the President of Kyrgyzstan, and her husband said, “Chinese are splendid and kind; we love them.”

       Mariya Yastreblyanska, the Ukranian bride, said that just a couple of days earlier, she told her parents about her wedding in Yuyuan. They thought she was joking and did not believe her until she sent over her pictures. Once they realized it was real, Mariya’s parents asked her to take more pictures to share with them.

       Loren Johnson and Ciara Sigmon, the American couple, are from town of 6,000 people in the USA, where they got married last September. However, they reserved for themselves the chance to get married in a historical village, whose marriage traditions date back 800 years—a dream that their friends cannot still believe became a reality. “When we learned about this project on the Internet, we considered it a great opportunity, so we didn't hesitate to sign up.” (By Wang Lei & Wu Qian, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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