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Wuyi Amazes Overseas Students
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       On the fifth day of the Yuyuan session of the Jinhua Homestay project, the participants went to Wuyi on a day trip.

9:30 – Update

       The first destination of the one-day tour was the 800-year old Shuxi Bridge, an ancient bridge connecting the north and the south of Wuyi over the Shuxi River. In the past, the central lane was used by horses and coaches, while the side corridors were reserved for pedestrians.

       Full of astonishment, the Israeli participant, Moran Peleg, said that in her hometown, only modern bridges can be seen. Seeing and crossing an exquisite ancient bridge of such scale was an incredible experience.

10:00 – Update

       The second stop of the day was scheduled at Qixia Park, where participants were able to cycle along the green way. Despite drizzling rain, the participants enjoyed the way and its scenery. In the rain, the participants had a romantic encounter with Wuyi.

13:00 – Update

       The third planned stop was Qinwenquan Hot Springs. Wuyi is internationally renowned for its hot springs, and last year, the Asian Hot Springs Town Summit was held for the first time in Wuyi.

       Apart from the large hot-water pools, there are numerous small pools, each with a different effect. To satisfy their curiosity, the participants experienced each of the pools. Most participants stated that after returning home, they will find an opportunity to bring their family members and friends to enjoy the splendor of the hot springs town.

14:50 – Update

       After the hot springs, the Jingyuan Ancient Residence Museum provided further splendid examples of the traditional architecture in Wuyi.

16:40 – Latest update

       Today's final visit was the Fluorite Museum, which consists of 13 exhibition areas covering an area of 20,000 square meters. There, multiple examples of Guinness world records are exhibited; among these are exquisite examples of natural fluorite sculptures giving shape to the treasure of this township museum. During their visit, the project participants showed interest and admiration. (By Wu Qian, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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