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45 Participants at Zhiyan Session of JH
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       The Fourth Session of the Jinhua Homestay Project will soon be launched in the village of Zhiyan, Lanxi. Forty-five international participants from nine countries will begin their Story of Jinhua journey in the historical village of Zhiyan, also known as Jiangnan's Lijiang.

       The Zhiyan Session of the project is scheduled to be opened on August 10. Welcoming the 45 international participants from Germany, Switzerland, France, Israel, Laos, India, Bulgaria, Poland, and South Africa, Zhiyan will become an international ancient village.

       Given the large number of German participants, the German Culture Pavilion will be established in Zhiyan during the project. Characteristically German elements will be displayed there, including a German beer shop and a German Museum, making Zhiyan even more international.

       On August 2, the theme song of the Zhiyan Session, Chinese Aunty, was shared in the WeChat group of this session. Such a theme song aims to be an additional way to promote the project. In fact, a special song representing the event can better tell the Story of Jinhua.

       After listening to the song, the participants could not wait to start their journey in Jinhua, experience the affection of Home Plus, and meet their Chinese aunties. (By Wu Qian, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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