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UN Official Appointed American Consultant of JH
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A simple meal with no frills, just the local and nutrient Home Plus dishes and a glass of cold water inaugurated the trip to Jinhua for Guy Djoken, Executive Director of the UNESCO Center for Peace and Chairman of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO.


In accompanying Mr. Djoken, the Jinhua Homestay staff carried the project's cloth bag with "Home-stay in Jinhua's Historical Villages" written on it, which Mr. Djoken identified as the best form of marketing. Additionally, being a stamps collector, Mr. Djoken expressed his surprise and emotion after receiving a special edition of Zhiyan's stamps: "This is a very special and memorable day. Thank you for everything you have done today."



In just a day and a half, with the Jinhua Homestay project as medium, Mr. Djoken bonded deeply with Jinhua, becoming the American consultant of the project.

On the evening of September 20, Mr. Djoken started his journey through Jinhua's historical villages, visiting and exploring the location of the fourth session of the project, Zhiyan. That evening, Zhang Hong, Director of the Jinhua Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, and Cai Yan, Mayor of Lanxi, accompanied the visit.

The next day, Mr. Djoken was taken to Zhiyan's best-preserved architectural complex, the Nine Halls and One Street, and to the village of Zhuge Bagua. Vibrant amazement could be noticed in his eyes during these visits. After experiencing the millstone, Mr. Djoken affirmed that it must be an epochal invention. Additionally, realizing that the history of modern USA dates back to only 400 years ago, while the village of Zhiyan records an 800-year history, Mr. Djoken felt like he was in a time warp while walking around on Zhiyan's stone alleys. Along those alleys, he met and talked to a villager doing the dishes who swiftly answered with a "Thank you!" when asked, in a very Chinese way, how the food she cooked was and to greet her family. When he listened to the project's theme song, Chinese Aunty, Mr. Djoken could not resist trying to hum its melody and said: “Despite not understanding its lyrics, I love its melody; it's the sound of home.”

He expressed that Jinhua already has a special place in his heart. In fact, he has already begun to look forward to the next visit. As soon as he has a chance, he would like to come back with his family and friends.

The relationship between Mr. Djoken and the Jinhua Homestay project originated from a cooperation he had with Li Jie, General Manager at Hangzhou Fanyang Education Counseling Co., Ltd. Li Jie is a native of Dongyang and took part in the preparatory work of the Jinhua Homestay project, after learning about the project from the news. This summer, Li Jie's company and the UNESCO launched a partnership, the "Model United Nations" project. During the discussion for this project, she mentioned and introduced the Jinhua Homestay project to Mr. Djoken, who immediately showed interest. 

He said that the Jinhua Homestay project is able to attract and gather a great number of participants from well-known colleges and universities from around the world in Jinhua's historical villages. Having the opportunity to share accommodation and meals with local villagers, the participants accomplish valuable tasks, presenting the tradition of the villages and highlighting the attachment and passion of the villagers for their glorious past.

As Executive Director of the UNESCO Center for Peace, Mr. Djoken has been working for peace-keeping for several years. He believes that what the world needs most for peace is interaction between worldwide youth, increasing mutual understanding and confidence. Such a purpose coincides with the intention of the Jinhua Homestay project. "Our work consists in gathering the world youth, and letting them travel, explore, and learn about different cultures. Being the future of our planet, they need to think about the future."

On the afternoon of September 21, the appointing ceremony of the American Consultant of the Jinhua Homestay Project took place at the Jinhua Paper-Cutting Museum. Lin Danjun, Deputy Mayor, hosted the event.



Mr. Djoken was honored to be appointed American Consultant of the project and promised to promote the project through the main UN and USA channels. In such a digital information era, it is easier to attract a greater number of outstanding youth to participate in the project. He emphasized that from then on, he would promote the Jinhua Homestay project as an ambassador to every corner of the world, telling everyone the Story of Jinhua.

Director Zhang also expressed how influential the project is becoming by taking into consideration the fact that both Li Zhaoxing, former foreign minister, and Guy Djoken, Executive Director of the UNESCO Center for Peace, are consultants of the project. (By Wang Lei –Jinhua Daily, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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