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Wenrong Awards Unveiled
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       The 2016 Hengdian Film Festival lasted for three days, from October 29 to 31, in Hengdian. The Wenrong Awards Ceremony, the most important part of the festival, was held yesterday. During the ceremony, TV director Zheng Xiaolong, with Tang Guoqiang, Wu Xiubo, Alex Fong, Han Dong, Gan Tingting, and many other actors and actresses showed on the red carpet one after another.

       Zhao Liying, by virtue of her excellent performance in The Mystic Nine, won Best Actress, and Huang Xuan won Best Actor for his performance in The Imperial Doctress.

       Huang Xuan said he was very happy to get the award, and he expressed his gratitude to his film crew and the Hengdian Group. To Director Zheng Xiaolong, he said, “Thank you, Director Zheng, for giving me the opportunity to participate in the creation of these TV series, Red Sorghum and Legend of Miyue,where I can perform for the audience. Thank you for your approval.”

The story of The Mystic Nine is set during the time of the Republic of China. Zhao Liying played the role of Yin Xinyue, which won her the Best Actress award.

       Compared with the Best Actor and Actress, Best Supporting Actor Xu Wenguang and Best Supporting Actress Gan Tingting had more complicated feelings.

       Xu Wenguang, the National Class-A Actor, is considered by his colleagues the 'Teacher'. Because of his performance on the soap opera Legend of Miyue,he won the Wenrong Award for Best Supporting Actor. At the time of the award, Mr. Xu said: “Thirty-five years of my life have been devoted to this career, and most of the time, I was in Hengdian. I will never forget this award. Fifteen years ago, I just came to Hengdian to play the Emperor Qianlong. Ironically and surprisingly, 15 years later, I get this prize because I was casted as the servant of an emperor. Anyway, thank you.”

       Miss Gan, because of her acting in New Shaw’s Legend, won the Best Supporting Actress. She said, “Today, I saw lots of friends, old and new, here.  I was a little girl when I came here for the first time. It has been more than 10 years. Almost every year, I have had some work here. It is like my second home. Hengdian witnessed my growth and changes. Thank you, Hengdian.”

       The biggest winner of that evening was Zheng Xiaolong. He won Best Director, and his work, Legend of Miyue, won the Best TV Series.

       Relying on an abundance of film resources, the Wenrong Awards Ceremony began in 2014 and is currently one of the most well-known folk TV awards. Its main function is to provide Chinese movie industry, television producers, and individuals with a presentation platform and innovative foundation encouraging the production and promotion of more high quality films and shows, and the discovery and support of new stars. (By Tang Xuyu, pictures by Wen Huangming, translated by Guo Jing, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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