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Thai Products Popular in Yiwu
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   To visitors, Thailand is a fascinating country due to its special cultural features and abundant products. Most visitors return to their own countries with their hands full of shopping bags. However, it is no longer necessary to travel a thousand miles to Thailand to buy Thai products because at Yiwu’s Chiang Mai Pavilion, located on the third floor of the non-staple food market in the Agricultural Products Trade Mart, customers have access to a great variety of authentic Thai products at reasonable prices.

  Latex pillows are the main products at the Chiang Mai Pavilion. Latex pillows, which boast both great air permeability and moisture absorption, are made of pure natural latex. This kind of latex pillow is soft and elastic, which allows people’s heads to sink in and makes sure that their necks comfortably remain in alignment with their spines.

  There are also many kinds of handmade soaps shaped like tropical plants and fruits; these include Plumeria rubra, sunflowers, mangosteens, bananas, and oranges. This kind of soap is made using traditional methods, so it is mild and full of rich bubbles when used. What’s more, the soap will not cause dry skin and will instead leave your skin perfumed.

  Apart from daily necessities, customers can also find delicious and authentic foods like dried mangoes and coconut juice. Thailand has at least 10 species of mangoes, which are sweet and fragrant. Coconut juice, the perfect sports drink, low in salt and sugar and rich in potassium, helps to hydrate the body and restore electrolytic balance.

         The Chiang Mai Pavilion was set up in the Yiwu non-staple food market in November of 2016. So far, the pavilion has stocked hundreds of different kinds of commodities. In the future, more high quality Thai products will be introduced so Chinese consumers will have more choices. (By Luo Hongting, translated by Pu Yanli, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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