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J. L. Mils on Early Childhood Education
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  In recent years, many foreign experts have come to Yiwu and committed themselves to promoting exchanges, regarding the economy and systems of education,between Yiwu and other countries. Among them is Jonathan Leonard Mils, a British national and Headmaster of the Yiwu Oujing International Kindergarten. On January 9, after staying in Yiwu for nearly four years, Mils received the Third Yiwu Friendship Award.

  Four years ago, Mils,who had 15 years of management experience in education,wasthe headmasterof a private elementary school in the UK. After attending a two-week exchange program in Beijing, he received a sincere invitation to serve as the headmaster of a private elementary school in Yiwu.

  At that time, the Yiwu Oujing International Kindergarten did have some foreign teachers, but in Mils' view, those foreign teachers lacked experience in early childhood education.Therefore, he went to the UK, the US, Australia and other English speaking countries to recruitnearly 50 high quality foreign teachersand then set up a foreign expert group with rich early childhood education experience.

   Theextremely high standards of the kindergarten, theinternationally advanced ideasfor early childhood education, and the first-class teachers who have stayed in Yiwu for four years are the improvements that Mils has brought to the Yiwu Oujing International Kindergarten. He pays a great deal of attention to implementing modern teaching methods and skills training among teachersand to expanding children’s international perspectives by promoting quality teachers. (By Chen Lu, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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