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International Train Departs from Yiwu
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      On January 18, London embraced a cargo train from Yiwu, China. It had 34 carriages with 68 containers of small commodities. Over 2,700,000 people watched a BBC broadcast of the train pulling into the London Station (the UK has a total population of approximately 64,000,000), exceeding the number of viewers who watched a broadcast of a speech delivered by President Obama on the same day.

       The cargo train, which departed from Yiwu on January 1, took 18 days to get to London, passing through the Ahlahs Shankou Port, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belorussia, Poland, Germany, France and the English Channel Tunnel. The entire journey was 12,451 kilometers. All cargo trains from Yiwu to Europe share the same name: Yixin’ou (an abbreviation for Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe).

       On January 17, at the inauguration of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, the CCTV Finance Channel broadcasted a featured news program — Night of Davos, reporting on Yiwu and Yixin’ou under the headline “Yixin’ou’ Brings Chinese Goods to the World”.

       At the moment, there are eight international railways in operation departing from Yiwu. Prior to January 11, 2017, Yixin’ou cargo trains traveled to and from between Yiwu and Europe 139 times with 10,566 containers. The specific times and containers of Yixin’ou are as follows:

  From Yiwu to Madrid: 97 times with 8074 containers;

  From Yiwu to Russia: 6 times with 580 containers;

  From Yiwu to Afghanistan: 11 times with 984 containers;

  From Yiwu to Iran: 1 time with 64 containers;

  From Yiwu to Latvia: 1 time with 84 containers;

  From Yiwu to London: 1 times with 68 containers.

       Yixin’ou is considered an embodiment of the Belt and Road strategy. Another small yet impressive embodiment is the expansion of the station from where the Yixin’ou departs—Yiwu West Railway Station. Ten years ago, due to the adjustments made to accommodate Yiwu railways, some paddies in the West Village became roadbeds. Some households moved out of the village. As a result of the operation of Yixin’ou in November, 2014, the Yiwu West Railway Station became famous. Accompanying the fame was increased cargo volume. Therefore, the station began to expand, and the whole West Village was moved to another place nearby.

       When asked about the noise of the trains, the old villagers said they had already gotten used to the sound: “Unlike normal trains, the trains in our village are special: they leave for foreign countries!” they said proudly. Once they hear the sounds of the train, they know that another train loaded with made-in-Yiwu goods is about to depart. While conducting this interview, a sound of a train departing was heard, proving that another Yixin’ou cargo train was starting its journey to Europe. (By Ren Ke, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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