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Siping's International Spring Festival
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       Marleena Makkonen and Lena Enkerli arrived at the Jinhua South Railway Station at 9:20 AM on January 23. They were welcomed by Zhao Lufei and Luo Junying, volunteers from ZNU.

       Chen Yufeng, the person in charge of the pick-up from the Tourism Office of the Jinhua Development Zone, said that the 22 participants of Siping Spring Festival Session 2017 left Jinhua for the village at 4:30 PM.

       From January 23-29 (the 26th day of the 12th lunar month and the 2nd day of the new year, respectively), another group of international students was invited to Siping. “In order to increase the fame of Siping as a touristic destination for rural leisure, we have meticulously prepared the schedule for the international students down to the last detail, including meals, accommodation, and visits. The major goal is to allow the participants to appreciate the original atmosphere of Jinhua's countryside and to experience a traditional Spring Festival,” explained Dai Weiping, Secretary of the Siping Village Party Branch.

       This time, the 52-year-old Zhang Genmei is host to five international participants. “Last session, the Bulgarian Maria Ivanova stayed at my house. She is now a famous star. We keep in touch via WeChat,” said Zhang, showing the pictures of Maria on her Moments.

       The project schedule is very intense and includes the following special events:

Jan. 24 -- general introduction to Siping, calligraphy and couplet writing, Wu Opera lecture, and VR experience;

Jan. 25 -- visit to the Jinhua Museum, Old City, and Wong Tai Sin Temple;

Jan. 26 -- folk art, rural-themed activities, tofu making, traditional typography, evening gala;

Jan. 27 – local annual worship rites and New Year's Eve dinner;

Jan. 28 -- New Year's tea party.

(By Xu Xinyun -- Jinhua News, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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