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Integrated Transportation Hub in Jinhua
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  The Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway and the new Jinhua-Wenzhou railway were constructed;the bus rapid transit network was formed by four lines of Jinhua’s BRT, and the Jinhua-Yiwu-Dongyang intercity railway will also start the construction of its test section.In the last two years, the city of Jinhua has witnessed the rapid development of its transportation systems, and intercity travel has become more convenient.

  According to the recently released Jinhua Comprehensive Transportation Development Plan (2016-2020), the city will focus on the strategic goalof creating a nationally integrated transportation hub and stick to the goal of constructing an integrated transportation system consisting of two major networks (highway and railway), three intercity rapid lines (rail transit, expressways, and bus rapid transport), and five major transportation hubs (road networks, logistics centers, ports, and major communication channels). The total investment in the city’s comprehensive transportation infrastructure construction projectwill reach 276.1 billion RMB, 158.95 billion RMB of which will be expended during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan period.

  During the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan period, the construction of Jinhua’shighways should be conducive to the development of the Jinyi New Urban District. In the meanwhile, the construction should also guide and improve the spatial layout adjustments of Jinhua’s industry and urban area and promote connectivity between cities. The layout of local highways andthe transportation demands should be evaluated in order to form the highway network, the total distance of which will reach 446 kilometers.

  The citywill also plan a batch of new projects, which will include extending the northern section of the Yiwu-Shugang highway and the construction of the Yiwu-Jinhua-Quzhou, Jinhua-Qiandao Lake-Huangshan, andWuyi-Songyang-Longyou highways.

  At present, the railway construction of the city is in a period of great development and prosperity.There are five new lines of railways in construction. Since the Jinhua-Taizhou, Jinhua-Ningbo, Jinhua-Jiande railways and the Jinhua-Yiwu-Dongyang intercity railway have been started, the Hangzhou-Wenzhou high-speed railway will start construction in the first half of 2017. Therefore, the frameof the city’s railway network is gradually becoming clear.

      According to the Plan, during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan period, the additional 363.1 kilometers of railway will be constructed, with a total investment of 66.39 billion RMB, and the construction of the “two high-speed, three normal-speed, and four intercity railways” network will be focused on. “Two high-speed railwaysrefer to the Shanghai-Kunming and Hangzhou-Wenzhou high-speed railways, each with an expected speed of 250-350 km/h; “threenormal-speed railways refer to the Shanghai-Kunming, Jinhua-Qiandao Lake, and Jinhua-Wenzhou railways, whose designed speeds are to be no more than 160 km/h; and “four intercity railwaysrefer to the new Jinhua-Wenzhou, Jinhua-Taizhou, Jinhua-Ningbo, and Jinhua-Jiande railways, whose designed speeds may reach 160-250 km/h.

  In just two years, four lines of the BRT were put into operation in the urban area of Jinhua, among which, Line 3shares a partial section with Line 1; this shows the co-construction of the facilities, the sharing of resources, and the win-win cooperation. As an environmentally friendly andfast transportation system with a large capacity, the BRT is highly thought of and welcomed by the public.

  The Thirteenth Five-Year Plan also proposed accelerating the construction of the public transportation networkin the Jinyi New Urban Districtandoffering middle-long distance public transit servicesin the urban areas of Jinhua and in the Jinyi New Urban District. Six BRT projects have been included in the key construction projects of the Plan, with a total investment of 435 million RMB.

  The Jinhua Railway Station-Yiwu International Trade City (BRT Line 3) and the Jinhua Railway Station-Jinhua West Bus Station (BRT Line 4) were completed in 2016; in 2017, a new BRT line from Jinhua Railway Station-Jinhua South Railway Station will be constructed;in 2019,two new lines, the Jinhua-Lanxi railway and the Jinhua Sports Center-Wuyi West Bus Station, will be constructed; and in 2020,a new BRT project, the Dongyang Hengdian Passenger Transportation Center-Panan Passenger Transportation Center,will be implemented. (By Xu ChaohuiJinhua Daily, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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