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Wuhan-Jiujiang Railway Tested
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    The static acceptance tests of the Wuhan-Jiujiang high-speed railway started in February, launching the testing and adjusting phase, which bring the opening of the line as early as July. This line will eventually inaugurate the high-speed connection between Jinhua and Hubei, making it possible to reach Wuhan from Jinhua in less than four hours.

  At present, Jinhua is connected to 18 provinces (including provincial-level municipalities and autonomous regions) through the high-speed railway, but the central province of Hubei is still not one of them. As the capital of a major province, Wuhan hosts more than 100 higher education institutions, which are attended by a great number of students from Jinhua. Wuhan is also a major city that attracts talent from Jinhua. Thus, given the frequent exchanges and mobility between the two places, a convenient railway connection would be a great step forward: currently, there is only an express train between the two. At present, the national railways ( offer an express train (Z257) connecting Jinhua to Wuhan in 7h30', and a slow one (K1127) taking 11h49'.

    At the beginning of 2016, thanks to the opening of the new Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway, a D-train (D333) departs from Wenzhou South, stops in Jinhua, and then reaches Wuhan in 5h27'. In a few months, the Jinhua-Wuhan high-speed connection will be open, making use of three rail lines: the 300-km/h Shanghai-Kunming High-Speed Railway from Jinhua to Nanchang, and the 250-km/h Nanchang-Jiujiang and Jiujiang-Wuhan high-speed railways. At present, the fastest G-train (G1367) runs between Jinhua and Nanchang West in 1h41'. After the opening of the Wuhan-Jiujiang High-Speed Railway, it will take approximatively 1h30' to reach Wuhan from Nanchang West. (By Xu Zhaohui, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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