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Yongkang's Voice in Legal Aid
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  “This is the first step of the integration of Chinese and international legal aid. We believe that it will promote legal aid all over the world,” said Chen Zhiming, director of the Legal Aid Center of Yongkang Judicial Bureau.

  Recently, supported by the Legal Aid Center of the Ministry of Justice, the Early Intervention Legal Aid Symposium was held in Guangzhou as part of the China-EU Access to Justice Programme. Yongkang Judicial Bureau was the only judicial bureau from a county-level city invited.

  In the symposium, Chen gave a speech titled “Education and the Dissemination of Laws to the Public,” introducing the creative measures that Yongkuang Judicial Bureau has taken in its legal education and publicity, which was spoken highly of by the experts and officials at home and abroad who attended.

  The China-EU Access to Justice Programme lasted from September 2013 to August 2017, during which symposiums and training courses about Chinese legal aid policies were held.

   “In Europe, ‘Early Intervention Legal Aid ’ is a non-technical term, which refers to the early legal services that are far from litigation,” introduced Chen. “Legal publicity and education about laws are part of it. There are many ways to introduce legal aid to the public, but the key is how to make it accessible to ordinary people. As for legal education, we have edited some law-related brochures. Particularly, we picked some of the most frequently asked questions and put them into the brochures, making them more useful. Additionally, making contact with international legal aid is a good way to improve the legal consciousness of the public.”

  Sang Ning, deputy director of the Legal Aid Center of the Ministry of Justice, praised Yongkang Judicial Bureau for its brochures. “When editing educational brochures like this, first you need to be very dedicated and good at summarizing; second you must truly have a heart for the public. The contents of Yongkang’s brochures are all real stories from legal aid consultancy centers. They are not just taken from nowhere, or from pure imagination, which makes them quite useful and vivid.”

  It has been nine years since Yongkang Judicial Bureau started its legal publicity and education to the public. In order to help ordinary people and speak out for justice, Yongkang Judicial Bureau has edited 30 kinds of law education pamphlets and set up 37 workstations of legal aid and 370 legal aid contact points. According to the statistics, Yongkang Judicial Bureau gave out more than 40,000 copies of legal education brochures last year. (By Huang Sheng, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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