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American High School Simulative Class in Yiwu
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  Good news—principals from American high schools come to China with their free simulative classes! Yiwu is their third stop, after Guangzhou and Shanghai.

  All the speakers are outstanding people from educational circles. Besides principals from famous schools, Mr. Bobert, Director of American Baccalaureate, Ms. Yauger, Executive Director of American Baccalaureate, and Mr. Burke, Supervisor of Teaching from International Communication Department of the American Scholar Group, will show up as well. Students who attend the class will experience how American high school students take classes. Parents who are interested can bring their children here to take part in real American classes.

  Furthermore, these three professors are also interviewers for the top 100 American schools. After the simulative classes, interviews will be arranged for Chinese students who want to study in the top 100 American schools. Once they pass the interview, they will get an offer immediately.

  It is well-known that as an educator of the world, America pays much attention to the comprehensive development of students. Therefore, in high schools there are many elective courses, such as drama, choir, literature, news, art, science, jazz, pottery, robotics, dance, lifeguarding, and mock trial, as well as various associations like Student Unions, animals rights groups, and community services. This comprehensive curriculum is designed to bring out the best in students.

  For those who wonder what American classes look like, here is your chance. As the host, Amanda, founder of Yiwu Huatong Overseas Affairs Service Agency, noted that this activity is quite a rare opportunity since it is held only once a year, let alone the rare face-to-face interview at home for the top 100 schools in America. She strongly recommended the parents who want their children to study abroad or want to know better about American culture to come check it out. Since the simulative class caps at 100 students, she suggested that it is best to make an appointment soon.


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Date: March 12, 2017

Location: Huatong Overseas Affairs Service Agency, 20F, East Building, No. 181, Binwang Road, Yiwu

Tel: 0579-89920077  (By Huang Yujie, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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