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Peacekeeping Hero Back in Yiwu
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       On the afternoon of March 19, in the drizzling rain, armed police stood in a neat queue in military posture at the entrance of the Yiwu Frontier Inspection Station, waiting for their comrade Kong Liang, a peacekeeping hero who was to return to the country wearing a “Peace Medal.”

       Last year, on March 10, Kong Liang went to Liberia with the Chinese peacekeeping riot police squad to carry out a peace-keeping mission. As the only representative of Jinhua’s active army who was chosen to join the peacekeeping mission, Kong Liang overcame difficulties and completed all kinds of tasks, showing himself to be a dedicated example of the Chinese peace-keeping police.

       Kong was surrounded by flowers, warm applause, handshakes, and hugs. His eyes were wet with tears when he laid eyes upon his family, whom he hadn't seen for over a year.

       When Kong signed up to join the peacekeeping riot police squad last year, his parents were apprehensive about their son taking that risk. Kong Yide, father of Kong Liang, said that the security in Liberia was not stable and that he worried about his son’s safety. Fortunately, both Kong Liang's wife and brother supported Kong’s decision.

       Kong Liang’s brother reassured him, saying, “It will only take one year of hardship to join the peacekeeping police in Liberia, but you will spend your whole life regretting not having done it. You don't have to worry about our parents: I'll always be there for them.” These words from Kong's brother encouraged him to resolutely complete the peacekeeping mission. (By Chen Jianxian, translated by Kang Meiling, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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