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Jiang Guojun Visits Overseas Universities
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  From March 1 to10, Jiang Guojun, President of Zhejiang Normal University (ZNU), together with a delegation, visited Düren City and the Aachen Universityof Applied Sciences in Germany, the University of Siena and theChinese Language University of Florence in Italy, the University of Worcester in the UK, and the Education Sector of the Chinese Embassy in the UK. Jiang Guojun signed cooperation agreements with the University of Siena and theChinese Language University of Florence. The inaugural ceremonies of the Italian-Chinese Cultural Exchange Center of theUniversity of Siena-Zhejiang Normal University and the Italian Chinese Language Education Centerkicked off. Representatives from the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, the Chinese Language Promotion Office, and related collegeswent along with the delegation.


  Düren, in Germany, is a sister city of Jinhua. Jiang Guojun,together with the delegation, held a discussion with Mr. Hissel, Director of the Finance Department and municipal construction;Mr. Weschke, Chairman of the City Council and the Christian Democratic Union; Mr. Schmidt, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany; and other people from all sectors of the society in Düren. The two parties exchanged in-depth views on educational exchanges and the construction of Confucius Institutes.



  Accompanied by Mr. Goeddertz, Director of the Düren Foreign Affairs Office, the delegation visited the Düren High School of Arts and Sciences and the Aachen Universityof Applied Sciences. When communicating with the teachers and students of the Düren High School of Arts and Sciences, Jiang Guojun presented general facts about ZNU, its admission policies and answered the students questions. When told that some teachers and students had participated in the Jinhua Homestay in 2016,Jiang Guojun was very happy. He asked about their impressionson the folk culture of the Jinhua ancient villages in detail, and encouraged their further learning about and understanding of Chinese culture. He also welcomed the students to come tostudy at ZNU, to make contributions to the construction of the Jinhua-Düren sister cities, and to strengthen economic, trade, and cultural exchanges between the two cities.



  The delegation participated in the opening ceremony of the University of Siena, Arezzo, and received a warm welcome from Prof.Francesco Frati, President of the University of Siena,and Prof. Loretta Fabbri, President of the University of Siena, Arezzo. Jiang Guojundelivered a speech at the opening ceremony, signed an agreement with Prof. Frati on constructingthe Italian-Chinese Cultural Exchange Center, and revealed the sign for the Center together with Prof. Frati.



  After the ceremony, Prof. Frati held a discussion with Jiang Guojun.

  Zhejiang Normal University signeda cooperationagreement with the University of Siena. Over a two-year period, cooperation work was effectively carried out by the two universities. Francesco visitedZNU once last year.The teacherssent by ZNU have also started their Chinese teaching work at the University of Siena, Arezzo.



  During the visit in Italy, the delegationvisited the Chinese Language School of Florence, met the Chinese language teaching volunteerssent by ZNU, and signedan agreement to construct the Italian Chinese Language Education Center. Jiang Guojunrevealed the sign for the Center, together with Mr. Wang Fuguo,Chinese Consul General in Florence; Ms. Maria Omodeo, President of Italian International COSPE Association; and Mr. Pan Shili, President of the Chinese Language School of Florence.



  At the University of Worcester, Present David Green; Mark Richardson,Vice President and Dean of the Business College; and Vice President Heather Forland met the delegation. The two partiesdiscussed how toimprove the construction of the study programs and deepen comprehensive cooperation between the two universities. The delegation met students majoring in software engineering and carried out 3+1 studies at the University of Worcester. The delegation also held adiscussion with the representative students and listened to their opinions and suggestionson project cooperation. Jiang Guojun encouragedthe students to treasurethe overseas exchange opportunities and to continue to pursue advanced studies in well-known overseas colleges and universities.



  During his visit to the UK, Jiang Guojunand the delegation met Wang Yongli,Counsellor of the Education Sector of the Chinese Embassy in the UK. The two parties discussed how toenhance exchange andcooperation between well-known English universities and ZNU and how to promote the quality of Sino-foreign cooperative education projects. (By Zong He, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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