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Yongkang Top of NEV Industry
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      From March 17 to 19, 2017, the Jinhua New Energy Vehicles Exhibition was held in the Jinhua Sports Center. The exhibition was co-sponsored by the China Automobile Dealers Association( (CADA) and the Jinhua Municipal People’s Government and was organized by the New Energy Vehicles Branch of the CADA, the Zhejiang Technological Innovation Association of Automobile Industry, and the Hardware City Expo Co. Ltd..

       Over 130 enterprises signed up for the Expo, which had a total exhibition area of almost 10,000 km2. Over 30 vehicle brands joined the exhibition, including companies that have won international reputations, such as Beijing’s new energy vehicle, SAIC Roewe, BYD, and Geely Automobile, as well as several Yongkang manufactured brands like Zotye and Feishen. In addition, over 100 spare parts enterprises that manufacture electric motors, electronic control systems, and batteries also joined the exhibition, including Yongkang United Motor and the Hongyun Company.

Pioneering Enterprises Lead the NEV Industry

       At the exhibition, the stands of Zotye automobiles were surrounded with spectators. Zotye E200, Yun100S, and Zhima E30, as well as the company’s first medium-sized NEV Z500EV and other best-selling NEVs attracted purchasers’ attention.

The exhibition area of Zotye automobiles (photograph by Fu Jun)

       In addition to promoting the transformation and development of local industry, Zotye Automobile has ushered in a new development era. According to Xu Hongfei, the brand director of the Zotye Group, the NEVs continued to sell well in the first two months of 2017, an increase of 85.75% in sales volume on a yearly basis. Further, the sales volume in February reached 3791, 23% of the total volume, ranking first for the sales volume of NEVs nationwide.

Meanwhile, on the west side of the automobile exhibition area, the motor caravan and the travel trailer manufactured by Feishen Group were so eye-catching that the purchasers all took out their phones to take pictures.

NEV Auto Parts Industry is Flourishing

       The data shows that Zotye automobile offers 33 types of accessories and has established a purchasing system throughout the world. While its annual output value has reached 50 bn RMB, the annual output value of the local auto parts industry may be up to about 300 bn RMB, constituting a market that has gigantic potential.

       Yongkang boasts a developed auto parts industry. By putting its effort into research and development over the past few years, the city has made a great deal of progress in key technological domains, such as the manufacturing of electric motors and electronic control systems. The automobile industry has laid a solid foundation for research, development, and industrialization.

       Over the last few years, to promote NEVs and auto-cultural tourism, Yongkang has focused on developing and manufacturing NEVs; meanwhile, it has followed a development model that integrates both the secondary and tertiary industries by simultaneously developing the spare parts and peripheral products industries, auto-cultural tourism, the auto business, and associated services. (By Wu Junyong, translated by Kang Meiling, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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