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Yiwu's International Celebration of Qingming
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    On April 2, the cultural event themed Memory of Qingming, Impression of Yiwu---Our Festival was held in Chian Town, Yiwu. The event consisted of an opening ceremony, the experience of traditional tea culture and paper-cutting culture, a food competition of Qingming cakes, a tomb-sweeping activity, visits in the former residences of Yiwu's historical figures, and the 2nd Shangsi Festival in Chian Town involving a parent-child activity at the Poetry Conference.


       Over 100 international students from 40 different countries participated in this event. During the event, the international students joined in the process of picking tea leaves, making tea, and tasting the tea, as well as the process of making Qingtuans. They also tried certain intangible cultural heritage projects like paper-cutting and visited the Zhu Danxi Cemetery and the former residence of Feng Xuefeng, who was a famous poet in Yiwu.

By spending a traditional Qingming Festival with the locals, the foreigners learned a lot about the historical figures of Yiwu. Deeply interested in traditional Chinese customs and folk culture, they consider this event interesting and meaningful, and will share these wonderful memories with their friends. They also expressed a desire to continue taking part in this kind of activity in future.  (By Lou Zhiming, translated by Kang Meiling, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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