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Rosewood Corridor in Dongyang
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  As one of the featured industries in Dongyang, a great deal of attention has always been paid to the rosewood woodcarving industry. During the Dongyang Two Sessions this year, the Report of the Work of the Government listed the goals and the primary tasks for 2017, in which promoting the rosewood woodcarving industry, building the Redwood Corridor, and constructing the woodcarving town were proposed.

  The carved rosewood furniture industry is a traditional competitive industry in Dongyang. By the end of 2016, there were over 3,000 carved rosewood furniture manufacturing companies, over 100,000 employees, and four specialized markets in Dongyang City. The four markets were the Dongyang China Woodcarving Market, the Dongyang Rosewood Furniture Market, the Garden Rosewood Furniture Market, and the Dongyang Classic Rosewood Furniture Market, whose collective output value reached tens of billions of RMB. Dongyang has become the countrys major production base for carved rosewood furniture. As a result of the global economic downturn, global industries have changed a great deal. If the Dongyang rosewood woodcarving industry cannot conform to the current economic changes and cannot seize development opportunities during the crisis, it will be eliminated.

  “The construction of the Rosewood Corridor forces rosewood furniture companies to speed up restructuring and upgrading. It is a good choice for promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the Dongyang rosewood industry and is an important way to improve the level of industrial development,” said Fu Weimin, Director of the Dongyang Rosewood Woodcarving Office. The construction of the Redwood Corridor is also an important initiative in response to the Three Corridors project put forward by the Jinhua Municipal Government.

  The construction of the Redwood Corridor was planned according to the distribution of the rosewood woodcarving industry. According to the current industrial distribution areas, the Dongyang Rosewood Woodcarving Office planned two programs for the Redwood Corridor.

  Most of the Dongyang rosewood furniture companies are in the towns and villages of Hengdian, Nanma, Nanshi, and Huashui. In the area covered by the two programs, there is a collection of rosewood furniture companies and a better industrial foundation.

  The construction of the Rosewood Corridor is the key to the overall construction of Dongyang woodcarving town, which will promote balanced development of the Dongyang rosewood woodcarving industry,” said Fu.

  The construction of the Redwood Corridor will further regulate the rosewood furniture companies there, standardize their production, accelerate their transformation and upgrades, and enhance their overall images. Modeled after the tours in Hengdian, Dongyang will launch the rosewood woodcarving tour, making it another major attractionof Dongyang. Further,Dongyang will speed up forming the rosewood economic industry chain, which includes raw materials import, product design, a master workshop, well-known companies, production, manufacturing, and sales. In addition, a tour route for Dongyang rosewood woodcarving will be put forward. All of the plans have been made to push forward Dongyangs development and provide a model for transforming and upgrading national traditional industries.

   “The Report of the Work of the Government proposed constructing the Rosewood Corridor, and I very much support that,” said Li Zhongxin, BOD President of the Dongyang Zhongxin Rosewood Furniture Co., Ltd. “The combination of the construction of the Rosewood Corridor with Hengdian tourism, will not only expand the publicity of Dongyang rosewood, but will also attract employees to these companies.

  At present, the Dongyang Municipal Government is working hard to make the slogan of “The best rosewood is in Dongyang” popular. The construction of the Rosewood Corridor gathers advanced companies to the same place, forming a line of high-quality goods, which intangibly promotes the brand of the Dongyang rosewood. In addition, the construction of the Rosewood Corridor also has an accumulative effect from which the rosewood furniture companies can obtain benefits.

  “As for the companies, they will also have more advantages,” said Ma Haijun, BOD President of Dongyang Yuqiantang Rosewood Furniture. On the one hand, the construction of the Rosewood Corridor forces the companiesto reformand upgrade so that thedirty, chaotic, and bad manufacturing environment will be changed.On the other hand, the construction of the Rosewood Corridor will also reduce the cost of operations for the rosewood furniture companies. (By Ye Yongyong – Jinhua Daily, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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