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Yiwu on CCTV International Channel
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         On April 2, China's Public Opinion Field, a series of news commentary programs on CCTV International's Chinese Channel, rolled out a number of global pulse reports about the Belt and Road initiative, one of which reported on Yiwu’s markets and the Yixin'ou CR Express.

         Yiwu is known as the World’s Commodity City. Its market attracts 210,000 visitors a day, registering an annual revenue of more than 110 bn RMB. One shop in the market, which has been open for over twenty years, sells its commodities in more than 100 countries and territories. Having learnt English by herself, the shop owner, Zhang Jiying, has already registered trademarks in over 100 countries. In her phone, there are more than 5,000 customer phone numbers, primarily from countries along the Belt and Road.

         Since the Yixin'ou CR Express – the world’s longest freight railway – was launched in 2014, Yiwu has developed close connections with countries along the Belt and Road. Businessmen in Yiwu have not only exported Chinese-made commodities but have also imported foreign goods and successfully traded them.

         In the current issue of China's Public Opinion Field, Bbdullah Saad, Ambassador from the Sultanate of Oman to China, was invited. He communicated with Yiwu businessmen online and invited Chinese enterprises to invest in Arabic countries. (By Wu Fengyu, translated by Luo Junying, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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