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Transformation of Pujiang Crystal Industry
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  “We believe that in the future, more counties like Pujiang will emerge from China’s Zhejiang province. At that time, there will be no smog, and the river will not be the color of milk. Our industry will become a landmark of a world with a good environment,” said an entrepreneur of Pujiang’s crystal and glass industry.

  At the end of 2016, an industry cluster parkfor four crystal industry zones was finished in Pujiang, the Home of Crystal Glass in China. Previously, there were about 22,000 crystal companies and family workshops. Now, after their introduction to the park, 1,177 companies havemerged into 438. As the number of companies dwindled, people began to question whether the crystal industry had also suffered a loss.

  However, according to statistics, by the end of 2016, the industrial output value of the crystal and glass industry of Pujiang raised 26.15%, and tax revenue raised 58.21%--both on an annual basis.These gains were the results of Five-Water Management, Three Renovations and One Demolition projects,and the practice of Crystal Water and Verdurous Hills are Like Silver and Gold, all of which helped to make clear the contrast between the number of enterprises and the economic quality realized.

  In just three years, Pujiang has transformed from asource of pollution to the completion of an industrial park, thus making the impossible possible. Now, the question is how to enhance the progress that has been made and further promoteindustrial restructuring and upgrading. A good offense is the best form of defense.

  Pujiang has maintained industrial power. In October 2016,the inauguralceremony for “Pujiang·China Crystal Industry Index kicked off.In the information age, there is no comprehensive competitiveness without power. Indeveloping the crystal industry, Pujiang should not only focus on the industry itself but also look forward to higher goals. The worlds best crystal is in China, and the best crystal in China is in Pujiang. This is the future vision for Pujiang. The releasing of the crystal industry index will no doubt make Pujiang a crystal-industry weathervaneand barometer in the country.

  Pujiang has established an industry brand. A brand is a spiritual symbol, and the foundation of excellent quality. Without the leadership of this brand, the industry wouldnot be able to achieve high-end productivity. As for the crystal industry of Pujiang, brand building is a weakness. This will be a long process,and Pujiang is preparing itself. For example, Pujiang now nurtureslocal talents, who will be funded by companies and the government, by sending them to study the crystal production process in the Czech Republic.International masters will also be invited to Pujiang to give lectures. Furthermore, Pujiang attracts domestic talent being at the forefront of national industry. A talent platform has been constructed in Hangzhou so that talented individuals can be sent directly to Pujiang to work for the crystal industry. In addition, Pujiang is working to both purchase international brands and build its own brands. All of these factors will help Pujiang stand in an invincible position in the fierce competition in the future.

  Pujiang has built an industrial culture. Combining ecology, production, and life, and fusing industry with culture, tourism, and the community, the Pujiang crystal fashiontown is in construction. Pujiang will have acomplete industrial chain including product design, research and development, manufacturing, industrial tourism, and product experience. Local people will share the benefits brought by the crystal industry in a variety of ways. Crystal will be totally integrated into the local culture.

  Pujiang has international ambition. A small county focuses on its own development with an international sight and sets an international goal, which shows its potential. As a local entrepreneur declared, “We have to remain down-to-earth; at the same time, we must have the courage to look up at the stars. Since examples of transformation and upgrades seem to follow one another, we havereason to believe that more counties like Pujiang will emerge in the Zhejiang province in China in the future. At that time, there will be no smog, and the river will not be the color of milk. Our industry will become a landmark of the world under the blue sky and the white clouds.”

  On January 23, Mobike, anintelligent bicycle sharing platform, announced that it had reached an exclusive strategic partnership with Foxconn, a global technology giant. Foxconn will help Mobike with the design and production of the bike, as well as with the integration of the global supply chain.As a result, Mobike will increase its production capacity byover 5 million bicycles.

  Before Spring Festival, Hu Weiweicompleted RoundD of financing for Mobike, in which he managed to get equity financing of USD 215million, about1.5 billion RMB. This means that by the end of January this year, the value of Mobike will exceed 10 billion RMB. (By Zhang Tao – Zhejiang Daily, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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