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Yiwu's Largest Farm in Africa
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  The farm I'm opening in Angola will be the largest in Africa. The planting area will exceed 19 square kilometers, and cassava and other crops have been planted after soil preparation,” Huang Yunfeng, a businessman in Yiwu who was back to his hometown for Spring Festival, told the reporter.

  Angola is located in Southwest Africa on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, with its economy dominated by agriculture and mining. Huang Yunfeng expects that his farm in Angola will accelerate agricultural development, thus establishing an economic bridgehead for Yiwu's small commodities to enter the African market.

   Born in Nian San Li, Yiwu, Huang Yunfeng is 58 years old. It was in 2003, when Huang went on inspection tours in Europe, America, the Middle East, and Africa, that he found Angola a country full of development potential.

  He traveled through more than 10 provinces in Angola before discovering an ideal place for development: Caombo. The total land area is 1,000 square kilometers ready for group cultivation. In May 2016, Huang Yunfeng founded a development team and sent them to Caombo for the early stages ofdevelopment. Later, he purchased advanced machinery and equipment around the world, and devoted it to planting in the wasteland.

   Huang told the reporter that the name of his farm will be Dengying Farm, meaning “prosperity and wealth.” The main product will be cassava, along with fruits, cotton, and other crops. (By Fang Xingliang, translated by Kang Meiling, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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