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Couple Arrested for Speculation
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Recently, the plainclothes police from the Jinhua Taxi Security Management Office captured two suspects in the urban area who were suspected of illegally reselling foreign currency.

The police handling the case said that the two suspects were a husband and wife from Yiwu. In league with their co-conspirators in Hunan and other places, they had resold different kinds of foreign currency for a long time. After a preliminary investigation, it was suggested that the money involved amounted to billions of RMB.

Upon the receipt of relevant clues, the plainclothes squadron immediately performed a thorough investigation. After discovering the whereabouts of one of the suspects, the police made the decision to track that suspect based on their knowledge that the couple was working together. When the two appeared together, the police seized the opportunity and arrested both of them.

  According to the investigation, the foreign currency sold by the suspects included THB, USD, and LAK. Based on real-time exchange rates, they bought at low prices and sold at high prices, thus committing a number of crimes. The amount of money involved was huge. The two suspects have been handed over to police in the Hunan Province to continue the investigation. (By Xu Jianhui, translated by Luo Junying, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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