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Yiwu on the World Stage
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  Recently, thanks to Wang Wen, Yiwu stepped on the international stage once again. Wang Wen, a young man from Yiwu who was born in the 1980s, contributed his wisdom to and provided strategies for the G20 Summit and gained General Secretary Xi Jinping’s approval.
  This time, Wang Wen took Yiwu directly to the Financial Times, a British media outlet of great international importance. He published an editorial titled Trade War between China and the US has no Benefit but Harm, to warn President Donald Trump not to casually start a trade war with China.
  In the article, he says that Yiwu, a small city in southeast China, is an important merchandise collection and distribution center; Yiwu had successfully predicted Trump’s success in the US election, because they had noticed that the orders for products for Trump’s presidential campaign were overwhelming compared to those for Hilary Clinton, his adversary. This simple sentence, which provides the example of Yiwu vividly and properly, shows the importance and relevance of the trade between China and the USA.
  Wang Wen was born in 1980 and was the winner of the China News Award. In early 2013, Wang Wen left the media industry and helped establish the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China. The Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies is a think tank with Chinese characteristics that has invited 85 former politicians, financiers, and famous scholars from over ten countries to serve as senior researchers. For three consecutive years, beginning in 2014, the institute has been selected by American authorities as one of the Top 150 Think Tanks in the World. At present, Wang Wen is the executive dean of the institute.
  On May 17, 2016, at the symposium on philosophy and social sciences hosted by General Secretary Xi Jinping, Wang Wen, who was the youngest representative, gained Xi’s approval on the spot as the last speaker, which left a deep impression on the people of Yiwu.
  Last September, Wang Wen became popular among the people of Yiwu once again. The Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China, which he started, was a leading think tank for the G20 Summit and was the only university think tank in the country that made a direct contribution. Therefore, Wang Wen frequently appeared on CCTV programs, such as CCTV News, Focus Interview, Newscast Studio, and Focus on Today, during the summit. At the closing ceremony of the G20 Summit, wearing a pair of glasses and fine clothes, he appeared during a special live broadcast of Focus on the G20 Summit on CCTV 4. When asked by the host why Hangzhou had been chosen to hold the G20 Summit, Wang Wen said to all the audience “I come from Yiwu, which is only 100 kilometers away from Hangzhou. I am proud to call myself a Zhejiang resident.” This made the people of Yiwu feel proud.
  “Yiwu is the epitome of the China Dream and the Chinese Stories. Although it is a small county, it reflects the development history after the reform and opening-up.” said Wang Wen. Since he graduated from college, he has always focused on the development of Yiwu. When studying the Belt and Road strategy, he also focus on the development of Yiwu within the Belt and Road.
  Apart from mentioning Yiwu in large-scale activities and important articles, over the past two years, Wang Wen has done a lot for his hometown. The most influential of his projects was the success of two sessions of the Silk Road Economic Belt Cities International Forum. With Wang Wen’s planning and organizing, hundreds of foreign and domestic politicians; mayors of the cities along the Belt and Road; diplomatic envoys from different countries; representatives from cities, business circles, and think tanks; experts; and scholars gathered together in Yiwu and discussed the Belt and Road.
  “The Silk Road Economic Belt Cities International Forum has been held twice under the guidance of the Yiwu municipal committee and the municipal government. Its scale and effect has become increasingly larger. Now it has considerable publicity and influence at home and abroad.” said Wang Wen. He hopes to continue to hold the forum regularly and to make a contribution to the internalization of Yiwu.
  Wang Wen loves Yiwu and is grateful to Yiwu. He has mentioned more than once in interviews that his roots are in Yiwu. As long as Yiwu needs him, he will try his best to make contributions. (By Wang Ting, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Xiamara Hohman)



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