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Rwandan Delegation at Jinhua Polytechnic
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  On the morning of June 13, a delegation of three people, including the minister of Human Resourcesof Rwanda; the principal of Musanze Polytechnic; and the counselor of the Education Department of the Rwandan Embassyin China, visited Jinhua Polytechnic. The two parties discussed cooperation in running schools. Jin Yan, deputy secretary general of Jinhua; Zhong Yijun, principal of Jinhua Polytechnic; Yang Yan, vice principal of Jinhua Polytechnic; Zhu Xiongcai and Cheng Jun, members of the Party Committee; and heads of the relevant departments attended the meeting.

  Zhong Yijun firstwelcomed the Rwandan guests on behalf of Jinhua Polytechnic. He stated that at present, Jinhua Polytechnicactively implementsthe educational internationalization strategy. Jinhua Polytechnic not only introduceshigh quality overseas educational resources andorganizes Sino-foreign cooperationprojects, but also attracts international students tostudy at Jinhua Polytechnic, makingit a first-class vocational collegein China with international influence.

  For all the projects, educational cooperation with the Rwandan government is an important part. The teaching program initiated by the Rwandan government is going well, with the Rwandan students studying hard, thinking diligently, and performing well. Zhong Yijun hopes the Rwandan students will continue to exert themselves and obtain even better results. He also hopes that the educational cooperation between Jinhua Polytechnic and Rwandacan progress further, so that more outstanding Rwandan students are able to learn skills and make contributions to their motherland.

  The Rwandan minister said he was happy to have the opportunity to visit Jinhua Polytechnic. He showed his gratitude to the support offered by the Jinhua government and Jinhua Polytechnic on behalf of the Rwandan government, and expressedhiscare and concern for the Rwandan students. He introduced the present situation of Rwanda’s vocational education. He also pointed out that Rwanda has advantages in fields such as economic development, environmental safety, and social innovation, and that Rwanda is willing to cooperate with China in different fields and waysin order to promote better development and economic society for Rwanda. He hopesthat through this visit, the bilaterally cooperative relationship can be further deepened; new chapters can be written for students, teachers, schools, and governments between the two parties; and mutually beneficial situations can be achieved.

  The counselorexpressed his thankfulness to Jinhua Polytechnic on behalf of the Rwandan Embassyin China for their support, including the great teachers, equipment, and conditions that the college provides for the Rwandan students. He indicated that the Rwandan Embassy will continue to support intergovernmental communication, interscholastic cooperation, andexchanges among teachers and students, and will help the Rwandan studentsstudy even more diligently, strivefor more outstanding results, and set models for other international students in China. Hehopes the relationship between China and Rwandacan be solid forever.

  Musanze Polytechnic's principal introduced the school’s history, its organization, and the situation of teachers and studentsat Musanze Polytechnic, and promised todohis best to promote cooperation between Musanze Polytechnic and Jinhua Polytechnic.

  Wang Haoyu, a representative of Rwandan students at Jinhua Polytechnic, expressedhis thanks to Jinhua Polytechnic for the education andcare it provides in a speech. He hopes relations between China and Rwanda can be further maintained, and more Rwandan students can receive benefits from it.

  During the visit, the delegation also visited the Schools ofInformation, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Tourism.The delegation conversed with the international students, learning the situation of their studies and lives in detail, and encouraged them to learnknowledge andskillswell and make contributions to the development of their motherland.

  Jinhua Polytechnic accepted the Rwandan government’s entrustment to teachjunior college students in 2013. Now there are 58Rwandanstudents at Jinhua Polytechnic. They perform well on the HSK test and in specialized studies,skill competitions, volunteering, talent shows, and extracurricular activities, and 41 of them received scholarships.The first group of 32 students will graduate in 2018. Jinhua Polytechnic thinks highly of the cooperation with the Rwandan government. Hu Zhengming,secretary of the Party Committee,visited Rwanda last year and signed a cooperation memorandum with plans to construct an overseas branch; i.e., Jinhua Polytechnic International College in Musanze Polytechnic. In July of this year, Deputy Principal Yang Yan, together with a delegation, willvisit Rwanda. (By Ye Xuan, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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