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Lanxi Red Bayberry on CCTV-7
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  On the morning of June 10 in Lanxi, China’s Zhejiang brand conference was held with the theme of “Red Bayberry and the Prosperous City of Lanxi.”

  Zhang Huarong, director of the Quality Development Service Center, and of the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products Center of the Ministry of Agriculture; Fu Xueliu, chief editor of China Agricultural Film and Television Center (CCTV-7); and Lanxi city leaders Zhu Ruijun, Yan Cai, Liu Chengzhi, Xu Jianxiang, Fan Dongyan, Weng Kewei, and Chen Yuxiang attended the conference.

  At present in Lanxi there are 27 villages with 80-165 acres of red bayberry plantations, and 12 villages with plantations over 165 acres. The total orchard area is 11,532 acres, with an annual yield of 25,000 tons and annual output value above 260 million RMB. They account for 42.4% of the city’s fruit area, 30% of its fruit yield, and 46.5% of its fruit output value. In Lanxi, major red bayberry varieties include Dong Kui, Biqi, and more. Fruit ripeningperiod starts in early June and is usually seven days earlier than in other areas. In 2016, Lanxi received “The Sweetest Red Bayberry” award in a Zhejiang agriculture contest.

  At the event there were different activities: discussions, red bayberry picking, tasting, a fruit eating competition, etc. Among the invited guests were industry experts, nutritionists, and sales experts. They were focused on analyzing the red bayberry industry’s different aspects. (By Xiang Rougang, translated by Nataliia Litvinova, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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