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Special Channel for Foreign Businessmen
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  On May 13, Yiwu International Trade City Bus Station opened a special channel for 32 foreign businessmen, arranging a chartered bus to send them to their destination ontime. The customer-oriented service gained praise from the foreign businessmen.

  On May 11 at 3 oclock in the afternoon, the control center of Yiwu’s bus station received a call for help. The interpreter who made the phone call explained that a total of 32 foreign businessmen and four interpreters wanted to attend a trade fair,but they would miss the shuttle bus if they went to the bus station separately because there were too many people. This would waste a lot of time, so they hopedto set out together directly from their company. Upon learning this, the dispatcher of the bus station immediately reported it to the head of the station, who decided to let the interpreter explain to the foreign businessmen the real-name identification procedures adopted by the station. He arrangeda chartered bus to take the foreign businessmen from their companyto the station at the same time and go through security according to the safety rules and procedures.

  On the morning of May 13, the station made arrangements for this special task: the staff of the station would make the security check in advance, andwould get readyat the station; the staff would collect the passports of the 32 foreign businessmenand the identity cardsof the four interpreters, and would buy the tickets for them together; the staff would pick up the passengers at the company at the appointed time, and would open a green channel for them upon arrival to have their ticketschecked and go through security; finally, staff from the traffic police station wouldcheck all the information neededat the ticket entrance. (By Wang Xuhang, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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