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Yuan Jiajun investigated Jinhua
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  Mr. Yuan Jiajun, the deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and the acting governor, investigated Jinhua on July 4th. He emphasized that Jinhua has unique regional advantages, distinctive developmental features, a beautiful urban cluster, and a strong driving force of radiation. The municipal government should adhere to the guidance of the “Provincial Party Congress Spirit”, identify the historical position of Jinhua, seize important strategic opportunities, highlight core quality and efficiency, steadfastly strengthen structural reform of the supply front, promote characteristic development at a high level, and strive to make greater contributions for Zhejiang’s “two high levels” construction. Mr. Li Weining, the secretary-general of Zhejiang Provincial Government also participated in this research together with leading officials of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, the Department of Commerce, etc. Municipal leaders Mr. Zhao Guangjun, Mr. Ji Junmin, Mr. Chen Xiao, Mr. Sheng Qiuping, Mr. Zheng Yuliang, Mr. Zhang Weiya, Mr. Shao Guoqiang and Mr. Lin Yi were accompanied on the research or participated in the forum. In Yiwu, Mr. Yuan Jiajun visited the Yiwu Railway Station transportation hub site, the First Phase Construction Site of the Railway Port, Xinguang Decoration Cloud Industry Innovative Synthesis, and Yunyi Town. In the urban area of Jinhua, he made an on-the-spot investigation of Tianning alloy material Co., JF PowerTronic Technology Co. Ltd and Jin-Yi Free Trade Zone. After that he chaired a forum to listen to the work report of Jinhua and Yiwu, fully affirmed the achievements, and proposed requirements to the next step of development.

  Mr. Yuan Jiajun pointed out that Jinhua should seize development opportunities and accelerate development pace.

  The opportunities to open up and develop shall be seized. Jinhua was richly endowed by nature with an open advantage, especially for the Yi-Yong-Zhou Open Channel, which is an important node of “The Belt and Road Initiative” . To the east, Jinhua has Jin-Yong Railway to connect the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, and to the west it has “Yi-Xin-Ou” to dock with the Silk Road Economic Belt. The government should have a profound understanding of the strategic position of Jinhua and Yi-Yong-Zhou open channels among the overall state situation, step up efforts, accelerate the construction and obtain results as soon as possible in order to make new contributions to the depth of participation in “The Belt and Road Initiative” construction.

  The opportunities of structural reform of the supply front shall be seized. Jinhua shall highlight the core of improving the quality and efficiency of development, speed up scientific and technological innovation, speed up the transformation of energy, promote industrial transformation and promotion, realize enterprise innovation, and promote the economic form to the middle and high level.

  The opportunities of the new round scientific and technological revolution shall be seized. The cluster effect of information economy in Jinhua indicates that the developing areas are able to achieve a sort of leapfrog development by speeding up the development of the information economy with the “Internet plus” as the core.

  The opportunities of the ecological construction of the “Big Garden” shall be seized. Central Zhejiang ecological corridor is an important part of the “Big Garden” blueprint of our province and southwest Zhejiang ecological tourism zone, the city government shall promote ecological construction in a higher level of practicing the “two mountains” theory, make the ecological corridor construction a connection of beautiful scenery, beautiful city, beautiful series, beautiful rural and pastoral ecological tourism destination.

  The opportunities of the regional development integration shall be seized. Jinhua shall identify the location of Zhezhong City Group and Jinyi Urban Area in the overall provincial situation, play a pillar role in accelerating the construction of modern urban areas. Mr. Yuan Jiajun stressed that the essence of the “Provincial Party Congress Spirit” refers to the words “strong” and “high”, which means high efficiency and high development quality, plus strong characteristics, and strong Jinhua and central Zhejiang Province.

  The characteristics of private sectors of the economy shall be strengthened and real economy shall be highlighted. The open features of the economy shall be strengthened and open economy shall be highlighted. The city government shall emphasize cultural characteristics, develop the film and television industry vigorously, accelerate development of the new economic growth of “Internet plus” culture, and strengthen cultural industries.

  The characteristics of the urban cluster shall be highlighted. Jinhua City government shall accelerate the construction of the “One Hour Commuting Ring”, Central Zhejiang High-speed Railway Ring and Jin-Yi New Urban District, speed up the implementation of the Talents Doubling Plan, and strengthen the urban economy.

  The characteristics of ecological economy shall be heighted. Jinhua needs to accelerate the development of green industries, rural online retailers, ecological tourism and other economic forms that aim at common prosperity, thus changing the ecological resources of Jinhua into ecological capital and green wealth.(by Huang Xiaohua, translated by Wng Beilei, edited by Wang Juesi and

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