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Modernized Dongyang Bamboo Weaving
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       The bamboo lampshade is the first bamboo handicraft created by a Dutch designer Eric and He Hongbing, an arts and crafts masterfrom the Zhejiang Province who keeps alive the tradition and value of intangible cultural heritage.

       One year ago, He Hongbing met the Dutch artist at an event that was centered around the heritage of bamboo arts. As they had similar ideas about the modernization of traditional Dongyang bamboo weaving, they decided to combine traditional bamboo weaving with modern ideas and technology in order to achieve their goal within one year.

  The Dutch artist thought that the color of traditional Dongyang bamboo weaving crafts was too monotonous and that the whole lamp would be more glamorous with gradient colors on its shade. According to his vision, He Hongbing painted different colors on the lampshades, which had amazing effects. He Hongbing said that traditional culture makes modern crafts classic, and modern ideas make traditional crafts creative.

  However, it will take some time before modernized Dongyang bamboo weaving crafts are widely accepted. The dilemmas of Dongyang bamboo weaving include not only the loss of current practitioners, but also the difficulties of combining old technology with the aesthetics of modern life.

  Until this point, modernized bamboo weaving crafts have attracted great attention and have been exhibited in the Shanghai Exhibition Center, the Shanghai International Hotel Art Fair, and other venues. He Hongbing said that the next step is to secure a firmer place in the market for the weaving crafts. (By Ye Yongyong, translated by Luo Junying, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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