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Jinhua's Export to B&R Countries Increases
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  Since Belt and Road Initiative was proposed, Jinhua has introduced many policies to encourage companies to participate ininternational industrial cooperation. According to statistics from Jinhua ustoms, from January to May, Jinhuas import and export volume reached 60.27 n, making up 45.2% of the total importand export, an increase of 10.4%. export reached 59.29 bn RMB, an increase of 21.2%; and the import reached 0.98 bn RMB, an increase of 38%.

  India, Iran, and Iraq re the top three exporters. rom January to Maythis year Jinhua export to them amounted to 6.44 bn RMB, 5.41 bn RMB, and 4.98 bn RMB, anincrease of 12.2%, 45.9%, and 28.9% respectively. Vietnam, Thailand, and India re the top three importers. Jinhuaport from them re 0.31 bn RMB, 0.14 bn RMB, and 0.12 bn RMB,anincrease of 32.6%, 120%, and 20.8% respectively.

  Main export commodities include mechanical and electrical products, plastics, and clothing. otal export volumes of these products to countries along the B&R re24.44 bn RMB, 5.16 bn RMB, and 4.78 bn RMB, anincrease of 11.1%, 7.6%, and 5% respectively. Main import commodities includetextiles, high-tech products, and plastics raw materials.Jinhuasimport volumes ofthese productsre0.3 bn RMB, 0.12bn RMB, and 0.11 bn RMB, %, 150% and 120%, respectively.

  However, of countries along the B&R arepolitical and economic instability, administrative inefficiency, and other th to breacontract. reflectack familiar language, cultur, product import and exporteconomiccontactnternational industrial cooperation China has with .

  Therefore, Jinhua ustoms suggested. further , policy guide regular issue, construction internationalization talenthastened in rovince support Finally, encourage to ndustrial luster, reduc the cost of information collection and realiz the sharing and supplementinformation and talentey ndustrial lusterreasonably choandexpand to the peripheral countr andforeign investmen investment risk. ()

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