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Suggestions for Jinhua’s Development
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On July 4, Yuan Jiajun, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and acting governor, visited Jinhua for an investigation. He stressed that Jinhua boasted unique geographical superiority, distinctive features of development, good examples of urban clusters, and high impact on surrounding areas. Yuan further emphasized the importance of following the spirit of the Provincial People’s Congress and Jinhua’s history, grasping major strategic opportunities, and highlighting quality and efficiency. He also suggested that Jinhua advance supply-side structural reforms, promote development with its own characteristics, and make contributions toward the realization of “two high levels” (i.e., complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects at a high level; and promote the drive for socialist modernization at a high level).

  Secretary General Li Weining and other persons in charge of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Economy and Information Commission, and Department of Commerce, joined the visit. Municipal leaders, including Zhao Guangjun, Ji Junmin, Chen Xiao, Sheng Qiuping, Zheng Yuliang, Zhang Weiya, Shao Guoqiang, and Lin Yi, either accompanied the investigation or attended the symposium.

  In Yiwu, Yuan visited the site of the transportation hub project of Yiwu railway station, the construction sites of railways in their first stages, Neoglory Jushi Cloud Industrial Park, and Yunyi Town. In Jinhua, Yuan visited Tianning Alloy Material Co., Ltd.; PowerTronic Technology Co., Ltd.; and Jinyi Comprehensive Bonded Zone. Afterwards, Yuan held a symposium to listen to the work reports about Jinhua and Yiwu. While he fully recognized the achievements made by the two cities, he also gave suggestions for their further development. Yuan hopes that Jinhua will grasp opportunities to advance its development.

The Opportunity of Opening-up Policy

  Jinhua has an unique advantage in opening up to the world, with the Jinhua-Ningbo Railway linking it eastwards with the 21st-Centuary Maritime Silk Road, and the China Railway Express linking it westwards with the New Silk Road Economic Zone. The Yiwu-Ningbo-Zhoushan Corridor is a crucial part of the Belt and Road; therefore, it is essential to capitalize on the strategic position of the Corridor in the opening-up progress of Zhejiang Province, as well as the whole country.  

The Opportunity of Supply-Side Structural Reforms

  It is essential to focus on development quality and efficiency, advance scientific and technological innovation, accelerate energy transformation, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and strive for a medium- to high-end economic model.

The Opportunity of New Science and Technology Revolution

  The clustering effect of Jinhua’s information economy indicates that, beyond central cities, capital cities, and coastal cities, some developing areas can also realize great leaps forward in development by cultivating an information economy based on the “Internet Plus” model.

The Opportunity of Ecological Construction  

  The Mid-Zhejiang Ecological Corridor is the “garden” of Zhejiang Province, and a major part of the Southwest Zhejiang ecotourism belt. It is important to promote ecological construction by building an ecological corridor which incorporates natural scenery and beautiful cities and villages, and thus create an eco-tourism destination.

The Opportunity of Integrating Regional Development

  Jinhua should find the roles of the Central Zhejiang Conurbation and Jinyi Urban District in the development of the province. Mid-Zhejiang areas should play a major role in the advancement of constructing modern urban districts.

  Additionally, Yuan stressed the importance of focusing on the quality and efficiency of development, and promoting the economy of Jinhua and Mid-Zhejiang by highlighting their features of development, which include:

  ·privately-operated features and real economy;

  ·opening up and strengthening an open economy;

  ·cultural features, by developing film and television industries, cultivating new “economic growth points” like the “Internet Plus Culture” industry, so as to strengthen the cultural industry.

  ·urban clusters, by speeding up the completion of the “one-hour commuting circle,” the “Mid-Zhejiang high-speed rail circle,” and Jinyi New Urban District. Meanwhile, accelerating talent multiplication plan to reinforce the urban economy.

  ·ecological features, by developing the green industry, rural e-commerce, and eco-tourism, thus turning Jinhua’s ecological resources into capital and wealth. (By Yu Qin, translated by Kang Meiling, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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