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American Professor Gives a Lecture
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  Recently, Dr. Jeanine McDermott, professor of nursing at Bemidji State University, was invited to give a lecture at Jinhua Polytechnicon the Influence of Establishing Communities on Students Educational Experience. Altogether, over 100 people attended the lecture, including Wu Yiling, vice principal of the Medical School, and other teachers and students in the nursing major.

  At thelecture, Dr. Jeanine talked about the factors which may affectstudents’ success in education,including pressure, students perception of health, and academic achievement. Many students were unable to graduate from university because of high pressure, lack of understanding of health, and maladjustment touniversity life. As a result, a volunteer community team was established by Dr. Jeanine to help every student succeed in their educational experience.

  Dr. Jeanine said that aiming at the six factors which affect students’ health, they provided free lunches, offered after-class tutoring, created opportunities for students to communicate with each other, and helped students win scholarships. After one year’s endeavors, they found the establishment of the teamimproved the relationship between teachers and students and between students, andincreasedthe students’ graduation rate andthe school’s degree of satisfaction. However, the students pressure in studying was not obviously reduced.She said she wouldnot stoptheresearch untilthat goal was reached.

       Through this lecture, the students of Jinhua Polytechnic learned the importance and influencing factors of successfuleducation, andwere touched by Dr. Jeanine’sperseverance in doing research. (By Huang Liquan, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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