World Yiwunese Conference Signed 32 Projects
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On September 30, the 2020 World Yiwunese Conference, with the theme of Promote Dual Circulation and Sharing Free Trade Zones,” was held at Your World International Conference Center. 350 entrepreneurs, Chinese businessmen residing abroad, international businessmen, and market operators gathered in Yiwu, and more people from home and abroad attended the conference online.

At the conference, Yiwu signed a number of high-quality projects which will help to promote the establishment of a dual circulation development pattern. Some are related to the domestic economic cycle, such as new trade formats, headquarters economy, and secondary market cooperation, and others are related to the international economic cycle, such as free trade zones, overseas warehouses, and cross-border e-commerce. A total of 32 projects were signed on site, with a total investment of 44.63 billion RMB, of which 22 commercial projects are expected to drive the values of domestic trade and import and export transactions to exceed 80 billion RMB. (By Zhang Zhichang, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad) 


30日,以共舞双循环 共享自贸区为主题的2020世界义乌人大会在幸福湖国际会议中心举行。350名企业家、侨商、外商、专业市场经营者齐聚义乌,更多海内外人员参加了会议的云上直播。


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