Poland-Yiwu Trade Development
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Poland Yinhe Department Store Co., Ltd. and Poland Chinatown Co., Ltd. have purchased over 66,000 m2 of land and plan to build the largest small commodities wholesale center in Poland. The companies will contribute to foreign trade by selling Yiwu’s quality small commodities to Europe.

Although the pandemic has caused a huge impact on the foreign trade industry this year, products made in China, such as Yiwu’s small commodities, are still sent to Europe continuously, helping Europeans solve urgent supply needs caused by the pandemic. Next, the two Polish companies will leverage the advantages of funds, talents, projects, and information in international trade to encourage representatives from the Polish government to visit Yiwu and more members of the Polish-Chinese General Chamber of Commerce to purchase Yiwu’s commodities, and to promote friendly economic and trade relations between Yiwu and Poland. In this way, they are contributing to the development of solid relations with Yiwu. (Translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

海外贸易义乌购 助力内外双循环



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