Excellence for Dongyang Woodcarving Town
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In October, the results of the 2019 Assessment for Zhejiang Provincial Characteristic Towns were released, and Dongyang Woodcarving Town obtained the category of Excellence in the assessment.

When walking into the exhibition center of Dongyang Woodcarving Town, visitors are not only impressed by the magnificent woodcarvings and bamboo weaving handicrafts, but also the convenient and intelligent visiting experience. Wu Yazhen, director of the exhibition, stated that the town currently uses modern information technology and management systems such as the Internet of Things. 

At present, Dongyang Woodcarving Town has become a comprehensive base integrating four functions: wood culture exhibitions, creative handicrafts, art exhibitions, and talent training. Relying on its original industrial foundation, the town has introduced more than 20 leading companies, including Daqing Hanlin and Lu Guangzheng Workshop, and 233 woodcarving- and mahogany-related companies. Now the town has built the largest timber trading center in Dongyang and the first exclusive bonded warehouse for timber in Zhejiang, forming a complete industrial chain covering R&D, production, and sales. (By Chen Qiyu, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)




目前,东阳木雕小镇建成集木文化展览、创意手工、艺术临展、人才实训四大功能为一体的综合性实训基地。小镇依托原有的产业基础,引入大清翰林、陆光正创作室等20余家行业龙头企业,集聚233家木雕红木相关企业,建设东阳最大的木材交易中心和全省首家木材专营保税仓,构建一条集研发、生产、销售于一体的全产业链。(记者 陈启宇)

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