Jinhua’s Tenth CPPCC Reception Hall Held First Activity
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On the morning of September 22, the Reception Hall of the Jindong Woodblock New Year Pictures Committee of the CPPCC held its first activity, marking that Jinhuas tenth CPPCC reception hall has begun to perform its duties. Ma Guangming, vice chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the CPPCC, as well as Qiu Jianzhong and Yang Jianming, vice chairmen of the Jinhua Municipal Committe of the CPPCC, attended the activity.

The reception hall of the CPPCC committee is a new extension of the working platform of the CPPCC, and it is also a new place for committee members to make contributions and promote consensus.

As a unique folk art, Jindong Woodblock New Year Painting is among the fifth batch of representative projects of Zhejiang provincial intangible cultural heritage. Ma Guangming expressed his congratulations and appreciation for this activity. He remarked that this activity was well-prepared, and it had pertinent topics, a warm conversational atmosphere, and unique features. (By Wang Fei, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad) 




金东木版年画艺术是第五批浙江省级非物质文化遗产代表性项目,是中国特有的民间艺术省政协副主席马光明对金东木版年画政协委员会客厅的首次活动表示祝贺与肯定,认为此次活动选题精准,准备充分,氛围热烈,特色明显。(记者 王妃)

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