First Foreign-Related Legal Think Tank in Jinhua
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On September 27, the 6th Session of the Trade and Investment Seminar and a lecture on the prevention of foreign-related legal risks were held in Jinhua. The Jinhua Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Jinhua Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade inspired the more than 190 international trade companies present with the announcement that nine experts have been hired as the first members of Jinhua’s foreign-related commercial legal think tank to serve international trade companies. 

During the seminar, the experts explained how to reduce the commercial risks in international business by case studies, such as the risk of international trade contracts, and how to deal with international trade disputes. They also analyzed the impact of the continuous appreciation of the RMB vis-a-vis the US dollar on the cross-border e-commerce industry. 

“From investigations and questionnaire surveys, we have found that some export companies lack international legal knowledge. Once foreign-related disputes occur, the parties are too dazed to take effective countermeasures, thus suffering great losses,” said Wu Xiufang, director of the Legal Affairs Department of the Jinhua Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade. “This think tank will work to help solve such problems.” (By Xu Zhaohui, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)




 “从前期走访和问卷调查的情况看,我市部分出口企业对涉外法律知识储备不足,一旦发生涉外纠纷,往往茫然失措,找不到有效应对手段,白白蒙受损失。市贸促会法律事务部部长吴秀芳说专家库的成立可以有效解决这类问题。(记者 徐朝晖)


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