Cooperative Communication for Companies
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On September 30, during the 2020 World Yiwunese Conference when global businessmen who are involved with Yiwu market were gathering in Yiwu, a communication event for talents in the fields of industry and technology was held in Yiwu.

The event aimed to promote cooperation between the businessmen and local companies so that they can expand markets with new high-quality products and help companies solve technical problems using cooperative measures. Two of the measures introduced were titled Project Cooperation and Solving Problems Jointly.”

During the activity involving 21 industry and technology experts and the representatives of Yiwu companies, six outstanding science and technology projects were displayed and demoed to attract companies investment. In addition, the companies representatives released their needs and problems.

In addition to five companies asking for science and technology needs, many companies presented their technological problems in written or oral form to benefit from the collective intelligence. At the last session, the experts and representatives in the activity were able to communicate with each other freely according to their own needs and interests. (By Lin Xiaoyan, translated by Wang Junwen, edited by Kendra Fiddler)






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