Construction Waste Management Standards
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On December 17, at the Jinhua Construction Waste Comprehensive Management and Classification Training Meeting, the Jinhua Municipal People’s Congress announced that it will formulate local standards for the construction waste comprehensive management system in 2021, and the utilization of construction waste will become more digitalized, have reduced volume and cause less harm. At the meeting, departments of construction waste disposal and law enforcement in Jinhua’s different counties and citiesexchanged their working experience.

Construction waste management is a systematic project that involves multiple departments, such as the departments of housing construction, administrative enforcement of law, transportation, and public security, and requires the participation of the entire community. To achieve the goals of this project, the various departments need to strengthen overall coordination, continuously improve the management system, and promote the mechanism to truly realize the recycling of construction waste.(Translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad)





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