Truck-Laying Project Continues
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The truck-laying project of the first section of the urban light rail is being carried out in full swing. The construction workers adopted the “four new construction methods”—new technology, new workmanship, new materials, and new equipment—and introduced seamless rails, a vibration reduction ballastless bed, and high-speed rail fasteners with vibration-reduction effects. The new technology can comprehensively improve the smoothness and comfort of the ride.

The rail transit project of Jinhua-Yiwu Rail and Yiwu-Dongyang Rail uses railway standard steel rails and is constructed according to a standard gauge of 1.435 meters. After completion, it will run a subway type B vehicle with a planned speed of 120 kilometers per hour. (By Huang Ming, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Mariam Ayad)


Photographed by Wang Suqin



    据了解,金义东市域轨道交通项目采用的是铁路标准钢轨,按1.435米的标准轨距进行建设,建成后运行地铁B型车,设计时速120公里。(记者 黄鸣/ 通讯员 王素琴/)


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