New Yiwu-France CRE Line
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On November 26, the China-Railway Express (CRE) X8020/19 departed from the South Jinhua Freight Station carrying 82 TEUs of export goods and headed for Dourges, France. With the launch of this Jinhua-France train, the number of Jinhua railway lines stemming from the Yiwu-Madrid CRE train soared from 2 to 14 within six months, a historic development.

The first Jinhua-France train mainly contains export goods such as construction machinery and anti-pandemic materials, worth approximately $3.1 million. After customs inspection and clearance, it departed China through Alashankou Pass and traveled through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany, the countries along the Belt and Road. Covering more than 11,000-kilometers’ distance, it is scheduled to arrive in Dourges, France in 18 days.

To date, the Yiwu-Madrid CRE train has 13 routes, and 4 branches and 5 logistics distribution centers have been established along the routes. These help connect 37 countries and regions in Asia and Europe, and make Yiwu-Madrid the CRE with the highest load rate, covering the largest number of routes and having the longest transportation routes nationwide. Since June, it has set new records, running up to 6 times in a single day and 100 times in a month. (By Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)






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