City’s Largest Park to be Built
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On September 9, it was reported that the main structure of the Chishan Park—one of the key projects of the Jinhua Duohu Central Business District—has been completed. Further work on soil improvement and vegetation seeding will be completed by the end of December, and the overall project will be completed by September 2021.

Chishan Park is located in the southwest wing of the Duohu CBD, at the intersection of Huancheng South Road and Dongshi South Street. On the east side of the park will be built the Asian Games Village; a residential district is planned to be built on the north side, as well as a brand-new People’s Hospital. The Binjiang Park will be located on the west side, being right across Dongshi South Street.

With a total investment of about 350 million RMB, the Chishan Park will extend from east to west for about 592 meters and from north to south for about 815 meters. The total land area of about 46.5 hectares will be five times the size of the Wuzhou Park, which is the current largest park in Jinhua.

A project’s spokesperson explained that the construction phase of the Chishan Park was launched in early April 2020 due to the impact of the epidemic. The first phase has had relatively slow progress, but since the resumption of regular construction work, the overall reshaping of the terrain, the partial framing of the main structures, and the foundation of the bridge were completed. At the moment, the improvement of the soil conditions is ongoing.

Chishan Park is a city-level integrated hilly park that combines ecological restoration, forest bathing, and leisure areas. The park will include areas of urban landscape, a transition buffer, integrated services, including the Chishan Temple, Qunfang Valley, and camping sites, among others. In addition, the park will also be equipped with a variety of dining centers and service areas, providing drinking water stations, bike repair areas, and other services, such as tour guides and special assistance. (By Chen Yuedan, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Mariam Ayad)


Rendering of Chishan Park

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