Ammar Al-Baadani: My story with Jinhua
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Name: Ammar Al-Baadani

Chinese Name: 阿马尔

Nationality: Yemeni

Age: 42

姓名:Ammar Al-Baadani




At 2 pm, the waiting area outside the brain surgery clinic of Chouzhou Hospital was, as usual, full of patients. Over the course of just one hour, Al-Baadani received 14 patients from Yemen, Morocco, and several other countries. Al-Baadani is not just their doctor in Yiwu, he is also their friend and family.


Half of his 3,500 WeChat 

contacts are patients


Twenty-four years ago, after just turning 18, Al-Baadani successfully applied for a full scholarship to study in China through the Sino-Yemeni Cultural Exchange Program and China Scholarship Council. His dream of visiting China had come true.


He had dreamed of visiting China since he was 13, when his father got sick and wanted to go to a hospital with a Chinese medical team for treatment. Eventually, his father received Chinese acupuncture treatment, which completely cured his facial paralysis. This planted a deep-seated belief in the efficacy of Chinese medicine in his young mind.


When Al-Baadani came to China, he studied in Shandong province and Tianjin before graduating from the Zhejiang University School of Medicine with a degree in clinical medicine.

During that time, he would sometimes take a bus to Yiwu. "In Yiwu you can meet many foreigners and find food from all over China," Al-Baadani said. He added that traveling to Yiwu felt, in a way, like returning home.

来到中国后,阿马尔先后在山东和天津求学,最后毕业于浙江大学医学院临床医学专业。那时,他每隔一段时间就会坐大巴到义乌。“在义乌能碰到很多外国人,而且中国各地的美食在义乌基本能找到。” 阿马尔说,到了义乌,就有种回家的感觉。

After receiving his Ph.D, Al-Baadani decided to find a job in Yiwu. In 2017, he was hired as an international doctor by Chouzhou Hospital. Since then, he has been primarily responsible for the brain surgery clinic and international clinic. He is the only international medical work in Yiwu with a medical Ph.D degree.


Al-Baadani's patients come from all over the world. His WeChat account has more than 3,500 contacts, at least half of whom are patients. Even after work, he answers questions from his patients on the phone.


"China is the safest country"


At the beginning of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, many people asked Al-Baadani for advice. During that time, his mobile phone became a mobile consulting platform. He was available almost the entire day. "China is the safest country. Just stay here," Al-Baadani would reply when people asked him whether they should go back to their home countries or not.

2020年伊始,新冠肺炎疫情暴发,很多人第一时间向阿马尔求助。那段时间,他的手机就是一个移动咨询平台,几乎24小时在线。“就在中国待着,哪里都没有中国安全。” 每次有人问是否需要回国时,阿马尔都会这样回复——因为他相信中国。

Al-Baadani believes that as a doctor, he is obliged to spread awareness of China's successful handling of the pandemic with people in other countries. He spent a lot of time producing short videos about the fight against the pandemic, China's latest pandemic control strategies, and touching stories during the pandemic on international social media platforms.


With Al-Baadani's increased influence, many overseas media contacted him and asked him to discuss China's current situation and experiences in fighting the virus. During those months, Al-Baadani accepted online interviews with media from more than 20 different countries, including the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, revealing the measures China took to defeat the pandemic, as well as policies on economic recovery.


"A doctor has a lot of responsibilities"


As a doctor, Al-Baadani said that the most important thing is to take responsibility, no matter what. "Becoming a doctor shouldn't be for one's own benefit, but for helping others. All doctors want to help their patients, regardless of their nationality," said Al-Baadani.

作为一名医生,无论在哪个国家,最重要的都是应该承担起一份责任。“当医生不是为了自己谋利益,更多的是帮助别人。医生面对病患时,不论国籍,想为他们解除病痛的心是一样的。” 阿马尔说。

He has been working as a doctor in Yiwu for seven years. He believes that Yiwu is an open, tolerant, and international city and regards it as his second hometown, where he can realize his dreams.


(Translated by Marco Lovisetto and Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)





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