Wang Jiangbo, HC Semitek Vice President, for a Better Future
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“At HC Semitek, I am primarily responsible for research and development of photoelectric materials. In fact, we have our own research team,” Wang Jiangbo, vice president of HC Semitek, explained a few days ago. After completing his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University, Wang worked at MBE Optoelectronics Laboratory at ASU and at Philips Lumileds. During his 10 years in the US, Wang accumulated a great amount of scientific research and managerial experience in the field of photoelectronics.

“After spending over 10 years out there, the will to return to the homeland had become gradually stronger, with the hope to add my own contribution to the growth of the country.” Wang frankly explained that the plan to return to China originated from consideration of three major aspects. At the time he contemplated his plan to return to China, the domestic photoelectric field, especially thanks to the lead of the LED industry, was experiencing a rapid development. Although a little behind in terms of technology and scale, the national policies in support of the field were strong, and the industry showed broad prospects for development. Upon his return to China, Wang was invited by the Suzhou branch of HC Semitek to serve as vice president of the company in December 2016.

HC Semitek was founded in 2005 and is a leading high-tech company in the field of LED new materials and new energy. Committed to research and development, the company’s main products include GaN-based high-brightness blue and green LED chips. With advanced R&D capabilities of international quality and mature production processes, the company bases its continuous striving for innovation upon the customers’ demand. In fact, being a major supplier to customers throughout the country, the products have been successfully applied to a number of key domestic projects.

Wang himself has been engaged in research and development of semiconductor photoelectronic materials and devices for nearly 20 years and has rich experience in high-brightness and high-efficiency LED extension, chips, and development and industrialization of major technologies. Wang’s independent innovation and development of PSS substrate technology contributed to a company’s reduction of expenses by 50 million RMB per year. He is also playing a leading role in the industrial development of green LED chip extensions, resulting in annual cost savings of over 100m RMB. These are just a couple of examples of the results of Wang’s work.

“Dr. Wang is an international expert in GaN-based LED extensions and chips, especially in enhancing quantum efficiency of GaN-based LED. His expertise is particularly effective in the improvement of internal quantum efficiency, external quantum efficiency, and industrialization of core technologies of GaN-based LEDs,” explained Zhou Fuyun, HC Semitek board member. Thanks to his competence in the field, he has been invited to present at over 20 international academic conferences. His latest presentation was given on July 22, when Wang was invited to attend the Display Innovation China Expo held in Shanghai.

Wang said mini LEDs could be used as LCD backlights for large LCD displays, smartphones, on-board displays, and laptops, as well as for mini RGB displays. Mini LED displays are thinner than traditional LCD backlight ones, and in terms of partition control and dynamic lighting, they provide displays with a wider range of colors and higher contrast. The combination of mini LED and LCD is expected to be used in the display technology, providing consumers with innovative electronics such as televisions and tablets.

“At present, China has made great strides in terms of government policies, R&D, and enterprise development. Meanwhile, there are still broad developmental horizons. So I hope that a larger number of people who studied abroad will be willing to return to China,” Wang said. (Text and photo by Lu Lizhen, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Mariam Ayad)


为了华灿光电更美的未来 ——访华灿光电副总裁王江波








据悉,今年722日王江波博士受邀参加上海国家会展中心举行的中国(上海)国际显示技术及应用创新展览(DIC EXPO)论坛。

王江波表示,Mini LED既可以作为LCD背光源应用于大尺寸液晶显示,智能手机,车载显示以及笔记本等产品,也可以用于Mini RGB显示屏。Mini LED作为LCD背光源更轻薄,可实现分区控制和动态调光,提供更广的显示色域和更高的显示对比度,在视频播放时使用体验更佳。Mini LED+LCD将有望成为未来电视、平板电脑等消费电子产品的首选显示技术。

目前国内无论是从政府政策,还是从研发角度、企业发展上都有了长足的飞跃,发展空间也更为广阔。我希望有更多海外学子回国发展。”王江波说道。(卢丽珍 文/摄)

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