Land for Jinhua Section’s Project Gains Approval
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On September 17, a land area of almost 35,700 m2 for the major project of the Jinhua section of the Jinhua-Jiande Railway gained the approval of the Department of Natural Resources of Zhejiang Province. The project will begin construction in the fourth quarter of this year.

The Jinhua-Jiande Railway will connect to the Hangzhou-Huangshan High-Speed Railway northbound, and the Shanghai-Kunming High-Speed Railway and the Jinhua-Wenzhou High-Speed Railway southbound. Lanxi will become an important part of Zhejiang’s construction of a crisscrossed high-speed rail channel and a travel system that aims to limit commutes within cities to one hour.

The Jinhua-Jiande Railway is also a favorable tourist route that integrates famous mountains, bodies of water, and sites. It directly links the Hefei Metropolitan Area along the Yangtze River Delta, Yangtze River Economic Belt, Huangshan Tourism Economic Zone, the Urban Agglomeration of Central Zhejiang, Wenzhou Economic Zone, and more, which is of great significance to the integrated development of multiple economic zones. After opening for operation, it will only take 15 minutes from Lanxi to Jiande, and one hour to travel directly from Jinhua to Huangshan. (By Zhou Xuan, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


记者17日从相关部门获悉,金建铁路(金华段)控制性工程先行用地3.5702公顷(其中耕地0.8214公顷)获省自然资源厅批复,计划今年四季度实现全面开工。金华建德的金建铁路,将向北连接杭黄高铁,向南连接沪昆高铁、金温高铁,兰溪将成为浙江省构建五纵五横高铁通道和高铁一小时圈的重要组成部分。金建铁路也是集名山、名水、名胜于一体的黄金旅游线路。它将泛长三角地区合肥都市圈、皖江经济带、黄山旅游经济圈、浙中城市群、温州经济圈等直接紧密联系在一起,对实现多个经济圈联动开发、融合发展具有重要意义。通车后,从兰溪到建德仅需15分钟,届时从金华至黄山只需要1小时就能直达。 (记者周轩)



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