Lanxi Holds Symposium on Model Villages
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On the afternoon of Sept. 17, the Global Human Settlements Model Village Declaration Symposium was held in Lanxi, aiming to further discuss the declaration work of model villages. Zhang Liqing, deputy mayor of Lanxi, participated in the symposium.

The nearly 1400-year history has left Lanxi with countless precious treasures. It boasts 2631 immovable cultural relics, 8 national-level key cultural protection units, 37 provincial-level cultural protection units, and 89 municipal-level cultural protection units. The model villages declared by Lanxi this time are the Zhuge Bagua Village, Changle Village, and Zhiyan Village, which will provide practical samples for the study of scientific development of human settlements. (By Jiang Yuxin, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad) 



兰溪有近1400年的建县史。悠久的人文历史,给兰溪留下了无数宝贵的财富。据统计,兰溪现有不可移动文物2631处;现有全国重点文保单位8处、省级文保单位37处、市级文保单位89此次申报的诸葛八卦村、长乐村、芝堰村是兰溪优秀示范村落,将为推动人居环境科学发展提供可推广的实践样本。(记者 蒋宇欣)


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