Risen’s New Project Begins
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On September 23, the high-efficiency battery and module project of Risen Energy Co., Ltd. officially began construction in the Green Power Town of Yiwu Economic Development Zone. Risen has invested about 20.6 billion RMB in the project. It is the second Yiwu project the company has invested in, and also the industrial project with the largest investment in Yiwu.

The project covers an area of about 0.67 km2. The construction of the project will take five years and be divided into two phases. After its completion, it is expected to increase the production capacity of solar cells and solar modules by 15 GW, and provide 6500 jobs. The expected operating revenue is 24 billion RMB, and the expected output value is 24 million RMB/mu.

The project will further strengthen the photovoltaic industry cluster, promote the construction of the Green Power Town, expand Yiwu’s industrial chain of light technology, and promote Yiwu’s manufacturing industry. (By Wang Ting, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)




据介绍,东方日升项目建成后将进一步壮大光伏产业集群,做强做大义乌绿色动力小镇,补强补全义乌世界光明之都产业链,推动义乌制造向更高端跃进。 (王婷)


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